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Fractal fail pt. 2

wilykcat.5864wilykcat.5864 Member ✭✭✭

I like posting on forums but I'm not going to make a forum post about forums. This one is about a charr who has spikey blue hair, accidentally is a mentor, and who cannot stand chaos and uncategorized fractals.

this is fractal fail part 2

here is the story.

So the fractal called Chaos, I could not tell of what is going on with that fractal. There are deformed floating geometric platforms and others that were kind of hard to see. I was jumping down the electric looking ones into the snowy part, then this happened!!! I got a speed buff and jumped over and down all the platforms, ended up hitting the ground, almost killing my character.

The last boss room looked like a glowing blue and purple dance floor. I was tempted to dance fight the boss. I didnt know what happens when the floor tiles change color so my character kept getting stuck and I couldn't figure out the reason why.