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A poem for our Mad King Thorn

Jack Angelfoot.2697Jack Angelfoot.2697 Member ✭✭
edited November 3, 2020 in Community Creations

Alas, alas.
All things fun must end at last.
The spooky treats and Labyrinth maze,
Will disappear for many days.

Tonight's the last time to climb the clock,
To open the doors with one hard knock,
Ere the Mad King's gone for another year,
And gone is both our fun and fear.

When he returns will Dragons End?
Will things have changed for our Mad friend?
Naught we can do but wave farewell.
And send a few last undead back to hell.

Goodbye, good night,
To you mad moon.
Goodbye, good night,
Winter comes soon.

Goodbye, good night,
The morrow brings the morn.
Goodbye, good night,
To Mad King Thorn.