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fight guilds?

Are there still wvw/ gvg guilds in this game?

I'm looking for fights.

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    They are few and far between. Some were, disbanded, or had their civil wars and are reformed, or currently reforming. You'll have to ask around on your server. Many players still consider WvW as a Capture the Flag game. Your GvG guilds do still exist, you just have to find them. Some servers have them, some do not.

  • gvg is dead, reasons are known but i guess if we discussed here id be moderated. Looking for fights on gw2 forum??????? lel

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    Fight guilds afk in spawn while enemy cap T3 stuff. Can't anet add some better report options. I always have to use botting when i report them.

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  • Typical the naysayer/doomsdayers reply first.
    Yes there are many, but not always online. There are long periods of time when there are no tags, even hidden ones, and long periods of time where are is at least 1 open tag (often multiple) and hidden ones for guild- only.
    It depends on the server and time of day what you will see.

  • @Junkpile.7439 said:
    Fight guilds afk in spawn while enemy cap T3 stuff. Can't anet add some better report options. I always have to use botting when i report them.


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    @Ubi.4136 said:
    I can't speak for the EU servers, but NA, the "fight" guilds don't really exist. Most of the guilds in NA, have situated themselves on servers where they never have to face another comped guild during their playtime/timezone. So, during the first 4 hour block, green will have a comp'd 50 man running around killing groups of 20 and fighting doors. After they log off, blue will have a comp'd 50 running around doing the same thing. When they log off, red will have the same thing. None of those comped groups ever have to face off against other large, organized groups. When they do, they transfer to another link where no one is in their playtime. You almost never see comped guilds fighting each other, except the rare occasion on reset night.

    That said, there are some amazing comped guilds running around that can easily fight 30-50 vs the random pug armies. They rarely die, the pugs that follow along behind them melt, and eventually they need to empty their bags so they take short breaks between farming unorganized groups. I wish all of this was sarcasm, but it isn't.

    Hmm, it's hard to give a very accurate description, but EU I'd say has sort of been recycling their stuff since late 2016 when the linking system had settled in. Since then you've had 2-3 nomad communities made up of a core of 3-5 guilds. Rather ironically it isn't the GvG scene that has died off first and rather the midtier of fighting guilds that every server used to have a couple of. There has been a ready supply of guilds looking to branch into GvG and join the nomad communities while leaving their old servers. Granted, it is far from as competetive as it used to be with so many guilds trickling in to try things out, leaving a rather large gap between the 3-4 remaining guilds with some tournament experience and those comming in to skirmish and do EotM matchups but there still are some 20 odd guilds listed for GvG's and easily another 20-40 guilds not listed who still do guild raids. Most servers that are not nomadic also still have a couple of guilds but they are far fewer today where the norm was closer to 30 in 2014 and 10 in 2016 and they're down to perhaps 2-3 now.

    Another observation is that some guilds that used to be larger or run larger seems to have shrunk down now, creating even more overlap with the typical GvG guilds and less overall variety in the game mode. There's also some trends of groups that used to do more crossover and pickups in the past doing less of it now - some of which you can see spill over into these forums with the complaints about hidden tags or just muttering about guilds and multi-groups in general.The divide between groups leading content and players who do not let themselves be lead is probably larger than ever but it is also muffled a bit by the fact that these hidden blobs now exist. On the one hand it is a bit of a shame that it has come to that, but on the other hand there would probably be alot more open conflict between players and between different groups on the same pairing without this evasive behaviour.

    So to sum all of this up:

    Server-wise you still have 2-3 nomad communities with roughly 5 guilds each and then you have every other server that still has at least roughly 2 guilds each still running closed groups and occassional pickups whether they are open pickups or hidden pickups.

    GvG-wise you still have some 20 guilds listed but where you'd have something like 10+10 of experienced guilds to learning guilds that balance is probably closer to 3+17 or something now. That isn't too surprising as it has been difficult to run player-made events since 2017 when the GH Arena finally broke. There are even guilds with tournament experience who still run but are not listed. That's why it's hard to say how the guilds match up.

    The nomad communities and the GvG scene has sustained itself a bit on guilds from typical servers transfering off to try the scene out or just moving into a nomad community that helps with commanding or maintains the old guild-guild camraderie that used to exist on most servers. Overall, it's much less about stacking to build for Alliances or stacking for GvG matchups now and much more a question of stacking for content, forming communities of team-players to get away from the unwashed hordes who are not.

  • Thanks for the responses

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    A fight guild isn't necessarily a GvG a guild. There are plenty of fights oriented guilds in T2 and T1 despite what some people think.

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    its actually spelt fite gilds. with this spelling you will get better quality opponents.

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    fait guilds are a rare sight, yet within the past year more and more people only wanted to fight on their terms constantly. leading to giving wrong appointments (we meet at X but they won't show up for example) or they bring 2 other guilds as backup that stealthpush you midfight. sometimes they don't bring them but add in apparently on their own.

    won't write more bc might go yet against the forum rules, but this is kinda the issue. imo comes from most guilds becoming too casual. inexperienced players led by few older players that kinda trick the system, leading to damage within the system itself. this is also sorta balancing issue.

    @jul.7602 especially in t1 they're rather not. that's the ppt-farm area. if there are fighting guilds around, then they are just rather few, barely recognizeable. t1 has the highest activity counts and numbers, therefore it is less (least even) about how effective u play.
    t2-t4 is where u find them mostly.

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    We left....