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[EU][PvX] Omnius Gaming [OG] - Recruiting Active Members

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Omnius Gaming is recruiting

[OG] is a small ~ mostly dedicated PvE guild on Aurora Glade (but might be migrating soon bc of WvW) but we do enjoy a wide variety of content ranging from world bosses and map events to fractals and raids or even PvP + WvW.

What we are trying to achieve is, is to have someone to play with, regardless of what you feel like playing. There are no experience or hour based requirements, all we ask is that applicants be helpful, friendly and respectful to each other, we want to form a family feel guild. We are committed to creating a friendly and wholesome atmosphere in game and in our Discord server and are looking for like-minded people. If you are looking for non-elitist, chill and fun environment to enjoy the game then check us out!

What we'll be doing

  • Guild Missions
  • PvP
  • WvW
  • Helping out in PvE
  • Raids

What we're looking for in our members:

  • Active
  • Social
  • Friendly and respectful
  • Sense of humor
  • Active on Discord
  • Represent

Guild Info:

  • Level 17
  • Guild Portal ACTIVE
  • Gilded Hollow

How to Join?

Pop either Demonix.5316 a message or SilverShadow.1679 or join our discord ~ https://discord.gg/J9fYgt3BuW