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WvW API real time data

Has anyone else seen this? Is it old news?

I spent some time looking at the time interval between updates to the # of kills, and # of deaths, for each match, map, and team in the API. I sampled the API every 2 minutes give or take a few seconds to account for the time it takes the API to respond each time through the loop. I then step through each list of data to determine the number of consecutive identical values, and plot the results in a histogram. For example, if list_kills=[120, 122, 122, 122, 126, 134, 134, 179], list_consecutive_values= [1, 3, 1, 2, 1]. There are over 45k entries of consecutive identical values, where data was collected from Saturday @ Noon to Sunday @ 22:30 New York City time.


The plot above shows the vast majority of API updates to the # of kills, # of deaths corresponds to 1 or 2 consecutive values, or approximately 4 minutes or less. This lines up well with the 5 minute RI timer for flipping objectives, assuming the API updates objectives status, war score, # of kills, and # of deaths at the same time. The large number of 1 consecutive values indicates that the API has the potential to update every 2 minutes, but does not always do so.

Zooming in on the y-axis shows a collection of values in the 15 to 30 range. This corresponds to time intervals of 30min to 60min between updates to the API reporting # of kills and # of deaths. I cannot explain the local minima at 15, and local maxima at 27. There are two possibilities, one is map inactivity, and the second is a minimum threshold before the game engine updates the API server. It is, in my experience, not un-common for maps to be completely inactive for periods of time. This would lead to consecutive identical values of # of kills, and # of deaths, with the API being updated at regular time intervals. A second possible explanation is a minimum number of new kills, such as 5, must occur before the game engine updates the API. There are probably other explanations too, and I am interested in learning what people think.


Zooming in further on the y-axis, and expanding the x-axis to max values yields the plot below.


This is the plot that confuses me the most. 120 consecutive identical values corresponds to 4 hours. There is no way a map has no kills or deaths for a period of 4 hours, and so this time interval between API updates of # or kills (or deaths) has no explanation I can think of. Even 40 consecutive identical values, 80 minutes, of no kills seems very unlikely to me.

Comments and Questions Welcome.