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Is it worth to start playing ranked PvP for legendary armor

skopek.1045skopek.1045 Member ✭✭

This is pretty simple. I would like to get that legendary armor from pvp but I have little to none experience in pvp (ranked especially). I have played only about 200 games in total (stronghold and contest). I do not even mind that much toxic players or bots (after some experience from other games where they threatened me by death and beatdowns) but I would like to know: Is it worth playing pvp to get that legendary armor if I really want it? Or should I make my medium and heavy armor legendary sets from raids or WvW? I have the light set from raids. And the second question would be: What would be your recommendations according builds and class? Is there any class or build that would get me to my goal with minimal difficulty and resistance? As for myself I am very fond of roaming thief. As I stated: I am a total beginner/noob but I enjoy playing thief despite feeling sometimes useless to my team because we encoutered some really experienced players.

Thank you for all the anwers and have a nice weekend!


  • Megametzler.5729Megametzler.5729 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @skopek.1045 said:
    (...) (after some experience from other games where they threatened me by death and beatdowns) (...)

    That sounds horrible! :astonished: I really hope that doesn't happen in this game.

    I can't really speak about the legendary armor (I don't really care about it and haven't gotten it), but I wouldn't suggest playing if you don't have fun playing. :tongue:

    I also believe thief is one of the harder professions to play. You are kind of squishy and need lots of map awareness to play well - on the other hand, it forces you to become better quickly, leanr enemy animations and the maps and rotations. So if you just want to play for fun, choose somethign different - if you are willing to spend some time and effort to learn and get better, thief is great (generally speaking).

    In my view, guard and warrior have always been pretty easy to get into. Healbreaker - the current support spellbreaker build is meta - is really forgiving and easy to get into the basics. Burn guard builds might work better in lower divisions, because it carries easily. In high ranks, the efficiency drops though.


    Example of core burn guard:

    Don't take these builds as a given, you can adjust quite a lot yourself. Just to give you an idea what I find really easy to play.

    Have a nice day ahead and lots of fun in PVP! :smile:

  • Paradoxoglanis.1904Paradoxoglanis.1904 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Its roughly 1500 games to get to rank 100 with a 50% win rate. Its best to have other reasons to play pvp, where legendary armor is more of a long term commitment reward. My suggestion is just keep playing the classes you like and try to keep having fun. If you try to get really competitive and worry about win rate (since you get more pvp rank when you win) you will likely just become frustrated & toxic and may end up quitting before you reach rank 100.

    When starting out i would recommend one of the meta builds, you can look them up on metabattle or godsofpvp. If you like playing thief then keep playing it. It takes a bit of practice but once you start learning combos and map rotations it gets even more fun. You can play off meta if you really want to, but it is much more difficult and it takes a lot more game knowledge to be effective with them.

  • Loboling.5293Loboling.5293 Member ✭✭✭
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    Only do the grind if you love PvP. I've heard that the other sources (raids, and even wvw) are faster than the PvP legendary armor.

    Having said that, I grinded legendary armor in PvP, since I don't raid and prefer it over wvw usually.

    I enjoyed it and started to work towards a second set, although it's been forever that I make any real progress on that. I mostly just PvP for fun and one day expect to get another set.

    Still if you love PvP, and grind hard, you can get it in about 3-4 seasons. Or you only play a game or two a day, it'll take more like 8 seasons I think.

    Obviously, it is possible to save up in a single season. But you'd have to never sleep and just PvP probably...

    Good luck!

  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @skopek.1045 said:
    This is pretty simple. I would like to get that legendary armor from pvp but ..

    there is no any ''but". Play and get fun. Aslo you can hide map/team chat and don't worry absolutely.

    Is it worth playing pvp to get that legendary armor if I really want it?

    you can make leg set form any source, it is fine!

    Or should I make my medium and heavy armor legendary sets from raids or WvW? I

    only if you want that. My fist 3 set was from spvp. And I still no have leg-raid set, but have many leg sets

    What would be your recommendations according builds and class?

    on pvp /wvw ? any what you want. You feel free take any biuld. On pve it depend from you static/giuld

    want solid balance ? - play chess.

  • noiwk.2760noiwk.2760 Member ✭✭✭

    honestly ranked pvp is so horrible right now... its most frustration thng ever .. there are currently more bots than players and i hnestly suffer from every single game i do for back pack... i high advice you to do wvw for leggy armor.. its fun and its so easy you can either roam or zerg

  • Ovark.2514Ovark.2514 Member ✭✭✭

    It's really hard to say. A lot of ppl who play PvP have done so for a long time and managed to get legendary armor easily because of it. If you don't play pvp for fun then this will feel like work and it may be better to go for legendary armor from other gamemodes.

  • Marxx.5021Marxx.5021 Member ✭✭✭

    I would not start with PvP just for legendary armor. It is true you will get the armor just by playing. However Anet does literaly everything to make PvP an unfun experience. And they are commited to make it worse until the next expansion imho.

  • lare.5129lare.5129 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Marxx.5021 said:
    However Anet does literaly everything to make PvP an unfun experience.

    oh, this is can be unfun only if person play one mmo .. When I play 2 more mmo games for me spvp look excellent and fun.

    want solid balance ? - play chess.

  • Nilkemia.8507Nilkemia.8507 Member ✭✭✭

    Answer : No.

  • Avatar.3568Avatar.3568 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I can recommend, pvp is fun and getting armor is not hard

  • Rukia.4802Rukia.4802 Member ✭✭✭

    It depends on your health, do you suffer from high blood pressure or have any conditions? Because spvp is really unhealthy for prolonged periods.

  • Jekkt.6045Jekkt.6045 Member ✭✭✭

    i would do it in wvw. more relaxing if you can deal with the snoozefest that is zerg vs zerg.

    if you want challenge and have the will to commit/improve, do it in pvp.

    if you want the legendary skins, do raids.

    wvw pro: easy - cons: boring
    pvp pro: you improve - cons: toxic, bad mood
    pve pro: skins+money - cons: toxic, boring

  • I made a pvp and wvw armorset and can tell you that by time spent wvw is far longer to do.

    Pvp is an extremely easy game mode as long as you're satisfied with an approximately 50% win rate due to bots/bad players/afkers at every tier. Its also full of toxicity and unfun due to pokemonesque class swapping and some severely imbalanced meta builds. The coin only partially makes up for the headache.

    Wvw is vastly more complex a game mode with a lot more variety in playstyles and freedom. But for making legendary armor, far slower then pvp.

  • Loboling.5293Loboling.5293 Member ✭✭✭
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    @Smoosh.2718 said:

    @Paradoxoglanis.1904 said:
    Its best to have other reasons to play pvp


    Haha, so true. As a primary pvper in this game, I can't remember the last time I considered transmute charges. I think I have over 600. It's funny because pvp in this game started as a great way to farm skins. Now it's great to farm gold and transmutation charges to buy skins and use them!

  • Shaogin.2679Shaogin.2679 Member ✭✭✭
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    If you're not getting all your raid boss kills in every single week, then sPvP is the fastest way to get your legendary armor. It's also cheaper since you need fewer mats, you just miss out on the unique skins.

    Doc Von Doom

  • i would start with something tanky, teef would be a hell of a way to start pvp.

    Te lazla otstara.

  • Excursion.9752Excursion.9752 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Key to winning GW2 is blocking anyone who displays aggressive behavior towards anyone else. Then you will not have a chance for it to be directed at you.

    PvP - Takes time to get good at. But it will make you a better overall player. Best to study the role you need to perform for your team for the class your playing. Doing so will help with stopping the negative talk during a match. Focus on yourself and ways you can get better not your team mates. You can control them nor should you try. Go in knowing your going to lose more at the start. Once you get better the wins will pile up.

    Raids - Hard to get into. Not many good training groups out there and watching videos on the internet does not teach you much outside of the bosses mechanics. People in this mode want you to know rotations for maximizing DPS and will let you know if your under performing. Most raiders dislike anyone who causes the group to have to /gg if you are looking to get into this game mode its best to start your own static team of like minded and skilled people and learn it together.

    WvW - Most laid back of the three. Hardest part here is finding a group/server who is active during the time you are able to play. Unless you are a roamer or like small Havoc Squad groups. If you play during your servers off hours it can be pretty boring because of the lack of content. Getting into a Zerg is a must if you want to gain levels fast and keep participation up easily. Commanders typically want you to be either in the Discord or Teamspeak so you can hear voice commands. You never need to talk jut listen.

    As far as obtaining legendary items the fastest it really depends on you and your commitment and what you like to do. If you like pvp then go for it. Just know that none of this is going to be obtainable overnight. It is a slow process and only really worth it if you plan to play for the foreseeable future. If you are still on the fence about this game then I wouldn't even try.

    As for builds check metabttle and gods of pvp. You don't have to use their cookiecutter build but at least it gives you something that you can tailor to your play style.

                                                              There is a 50% chance you will not agree with me and a 50% chance I will not agree with you
  • Dantheman.3589Dantheman.3589 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The word is legendary armor farming is very fast in pvp as compared to wvw etc. If you end up skill gated from it, then possibly not a good idea but playing pvp can improve your skill and mechanics greatly so I’d say give it a shot

  • Hey guys!

    Wow so many replies! :o Thanks a lot! By now I am completing the last reward chest (cannot remmember the name now (-_-) is it Byzantium?) and I must say I like pvp playing as roaming D/P thief but I plan to switch the build/class to evade overplaying it. I do not mind the bots so much since you guys and my friends psychically prepared me for it. The only thing that sucks are (to no surprise) the players....yesterday they told me they reported me for being a noob and an idiot because they wiped in 4v3. Oh boy I am really enjoying this =) as crazy as it might sound but the whinning I find sometimes really funny. I have set my mind to roughly this: Oh I lost? I do not care...I got my pips and rank points and I am a small step closer to my goal. Oh I won? Cool! I took a bigger step towards my goal. The best thing is that even losing eight games in a row can still yield you that chest.

    Excursion, I have been smashing the block button so hard yesterday that I wonder how it still works or how many more players can my block list accumulate lol.

    The only thing that I think will take the most time will be those shards which you need 3600 and you can get only 100 per repeatable Byzantium chest.

  • Gogdarth.6741Gogdarth.6741 Member ✭✭✭

    Just remember to have fun and don't take anything too seriously about PvP. Winning is good, but in the end of the day rank is lowkey meaningless and you're still progressing towards goal, albeit slower - even if you lose. And no matter what, mileage is what gets you better - some days might be utterly horrid, but hey, who cares so long as you got a solid few plays out of it to ponder/reflect on or had some cool high points to be proud of.

    Oh, and when people will get toxic to you - just remember that they're compensating for their own insecurity by projecting onto others like total losers and don't deserve a shred of attention besides a laugh at their utterly miserable experience that they themselves imposed. :^)

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I crafted the Legendary PvP Armor (Heavy). Imo is the best path:

    • It takes ~year and half, because you need to complete the byzantium chest of six season to get the grandmaster marks, (you need 20 of them and you get only 3 x season):
    • Is free. I mean, the cost of the materials for the whole set was ~1800 gold coins to me, but you will earn way more money just playing PvP. Yes, PvE provides way more gold, but the PvE armor cost x3 the amount of gold the PvP one requires.
    • You only need to main one class, and play ~30 matches with another 3 to get all the achievements for the whole set.
    • You can be as bad as you can, because if you lose a lot of matches you will end playing against people with similar stats. Statistically you will end with at least ~50% win ratio, so the progression is constant at predictable. YOU CAN'T FAIL at getting the legendary armor at PvP. Even if you lose, still progression happens, which is not the same in PvE.
    • Free swap of stats, runes and infusions is amazing, and with the templates gives tons of options of customization for different game modes. And will be even better with with EoD ANet implements the shared legendary items for your whole roster of characters.

      I will craft another PvP armor again (already have the tokens and almost the gold again). Was going to be another heavy plate, but after the legendary wardrobe anouncement I'll wait to see how is implemented, because now makes more sense to craft either leather or clothes to give the same versatility to other characters. It will depend on how ANet implements the use of the skins (same look of everyone or a layer of customizable appareance on top of the armor you wear?).