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Rune of the Golemancer should be banned or nerfed in WvW



  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @SexyMofo.8923 said:
    My entire server is using these runes now and we’re winning every skirmish. We’re up 100k in ppt and our kda just skyrocketed above 4 since the banner nerf on Tuesday.

    But people have said winning is all about population for years, not golems!

    Is our life a lie?

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  • Server nite just ran a mesmer zerg, spent all nite wiping the Golem gangs.

    Adversity is the medium thru which strength and greatness are forged.

  • It's not even fun fighting against this comp.

  • knite.1542knite.1542 Member ✭✭✭

    @Strider Pj.2193 said:
    Hmm.. Why don’t we see more people using this “Overpowered Rune”?

    It's because of the mindset of the community. People will mostly follow the known 'meta' until someone popular shows them something new. A lot of people are pretty resistant to change and a ton of people don't think for themself. (grenade holo is a good example of that).

    Not to say that this rune is OP. I don't know if it is or not. The point is though, even if it is super busted people won't run it because it isn't the build on metabattle or the build that (insert popular content creator here) uses.

    If your team wins it's because of everyone else. If your team loses, blame the thief.
    ranger is OP but holo is more OP so its fine
    Why do this matter at all, you have people asking you why play so bad as fractal god?
    If they would pull that kitten on me, i would sue instantly. And i have enough time and money to finish that.
    Balance? More like a bunch of random nerfs done by interns.

  • @Threather.9354 said:

    @Dinas Dragonbane.2978 said:
    This rune has changed little the past 8 years, funny how now it is op? Have some fun theorizing a counter at least, siege obviously would do wonders as would condi, since cleanses would prioritize players over cleansing their golems.

    • Condis useless against players that actually pay attention to their party menu and do cooldown management since they added resistance in game (HoT)
    • The rune received 2 major buffs: from being hit chance to being proced on cooldown and 125 ferocity (which all dps runes didn't get, like scholar lost 5% damage for 125 ferocity, golemancer runes got it free)
    • Overall nerfs to other sources of CC/damage/support and introduction of firebrand mantras and shade skills (that often hit less than 5 targets)

    It is just that the golem has stayed the same while every other skill got bad and the rune is actually competitive statwise even without the golem now. For example 5% damage from scholar runes for like 10 players in your squad with like 60% upkeep is nothing compared to having army of golems soaking 20% of enemy damage, hindering enemy vision and AoE ccing stuff.

    Lets be frank, no1 even knew the golem had 50k hp until recently.

    Well all summons got better with all the nerfed same as condi damage in general but yes they reduced the numbers of targets for necro what also effect condi damage . You can also see this in PvP with necros minions masters. Actually I heard some time ago they tried minion master in WvW during Vanilla the reason why this didn't catch on was simple you kill your server with this the game becomes unplayable from what I heard they also crashed the server a couple of times with this back in the days.

    What followed were nerfs on nerfs on summons .. necro minions, engi towers hm ele elements I don't know but now they are also kinds good even in PVE.

    In general I made a thread about that the big nerfs at the beginning at the year wasn't really good for a couple of reasons in PvP a few months ago. That some obscure skills which fallen out during vanilla time becoming good is just one point.

    Also I thing there is also often a misunderstanding how aoe mitigation works on GW2 people assume it works like in old WoW where dmg got split between parties when got hit by an AoE . This is not how it works here so far I can tell . The Old WoW had not target cap this is the reason dmg got split in this way Gw 2 has target caps for skills so the mitigation runs over this . So you could fix it by prioritizing players over everything else.(which cost CPU time on the server)

    50k HP for the golem seems like a bug properly 5k was meant someone made a typo

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    edited November 21, 2020

    Rune of the golemancer creates "technical issues to the enemy clients that needs to render all the kitten", on much larger scales its the double of the toons to render out of stealth and quickness(60 will become 100-120) , somehow works like a DoS client atk, kills fps back to 4-10 out of 70-80, enormous lag, huge culing and enemies continue invisible, and playuer getting dcc when the golemaancer bomb happens, stealth and quickness will agravete something that is alreaady having some sorta overflown data wich clients cant render.

    IF this isnt gltich abuse... idk but this sounds very agressive behavior wingin by making enemy clients crash and dcc.

    IF the runes golems were just to absorv the damage it would BE A VALID strategy but that is the minimal of the problems that those runes create.
    THe game cant handle a large group using those runes.

    Sugestion would be reduce CD on elite skills that are about summons .

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    I have to thank you for bringing this to my attention. This rune is a lot of fun! Anet don’t change it!!!

    Just another WvW lifer who'll never say die... while dying again and again!

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    We have driven these guys away.. the golemancer runes arent really "OP" as game breaking imo. The golems run all over the place, and they seemed to never be where they would be most useful, especially if you have alot of zerg movement going on. It's a pretty good longstanding guild, and they are always really tough opponents no matter what rune they use. The golem portion of the rune is the least of your worries, its more of a threat that maybe 10-20 of them are stacking an "armor slicing" attribute, and thats gonna hurt.

    I thought the golems brought some fun comedy to the fight, and brought some fun new tactics to think about while fighting them, but they dont drop loot or give xp and thats wut could be fixed :)

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