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[NA][RolePlaying][Sylvari] The Court of Ruin

We are a small group of serious roleplayers in Guild Wars 2 who wish to see more variety of Nightmare Courts in styles. The Nightmare Court was inspired by the Unseelie Court from Scottish folklore, who revolved around seasons. This is the concept we are bringing into the Guild Wars 2 Nightmare Court roleplay community.

The Court of Ruin operates on a seasonal rotation system which brings a whole new theme to the Court's atmosphere and focus. For example, the Spring In-charge could want the Court to focus on Dreamer raids during her time of leadership of 3 months, but once Summer arrives, the Summer Leader could change the focus to torturing prisoners and converts. At the end of every season, a celebration will be held to commemorate the passing of the Season and handing over to the next. This often is themed around the ruling season and the whole court comes together to serve and feed Nightmare.

Website: https://gw2rper.wixsite.com/court-of-ruin