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[NA] Looking for a Sunday raid guild.

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I love my guild, but my guild doesn't like raiding all that much.

I work nights, so I can't really make times other than Sundays. I'd like to become part of YOUR regular Sunday raid comp.

I come prepared with a geared condi DD which I prefer to play in most content, but I'm willing to put the time and effort in to a second character if needed.

I'm generally attentive and almost superhumanly tolerant of wipes, enjoy doing pre-research on encounters, and try to remain generally upbeat and upfront concerning other people's or my own mistakes.

I've got a solid grasp on the VG mechanics at this point, having run it with various PUGs

I'd like to tackle the content in release order the first time, and be part of your composition long term for weekly runs and new shiny PoF content.

Feel free to PM me here or mail me in game if you think I'd be a good fit for your Sunday raid composition.

All the perks, none of the responsibilities.
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