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Bug wvw shutdown in 3 minutes = 15 seconds!

This is starting to become extremely annoying.
Yes I know you completely and utterly gave up on the game mode, but at LEAST you can LEARN how to calculate.
New Build available, your game will restart in 3 minutes (while in PvE 2 hours but bleh)
So I EXPECT to have 3 minutes to wrap up what I am doing.
However I get KICKED at the 2:45 mark.

That is ONLY 8.3% of the time you SAY we have to round up.

These IMMEDIATE kicks are EXTREMELY disruptive for WvW players.
We all suffer, it's always the same.

We were taking back a tower Ring was ALREADY up.
Still we got booted 95% done...

Are these new Build updates THAT important that ENTIRETY of WvW needs to be IMMEDIATLY shut down??
I very much doubt it.