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7:11:3:189:101...here we go again

I mean...whenever I decide to return to this game, it is as if a repetitive flashback struck me everytime. Last two weeks everything's been going fine, saw this error like once a day or even once every 2 days. Champions update arrived and the game is literally unplayable - I stop for a moment to open my inventory and it feels as if the network stops with me, like an instant loss of connectivity, then I can try running around, hitting any keys possible and hope it will lag me out of the "limbo", but it does not...usually ends up with this error on the screen, BUT...this time it no longer returns me back into the log in screen, instead, it shuts the client down completely...WHAT THE HECK?! Is this error progressive? or even reproductive? Everytime the "session of 7:11" begins, it's like an evolved version of its predecessor, like Covid19 years ago when it was SARS-Covid1.

Does anyone else have sudden issues with the frequency of 7:11 errors?