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[NA][SQRL]Legends and Myth -2018

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[SQRL] Legends and Myth is a small Guild on the Darkhaven Server. We have been around for a few years from a large raid WvW guild to a small havoc and roaming WvW guild. So whats new, well for 2018 we are transitioning to spreading our knowledge and love for the game to the newest players. Therefore we are opening up to everyone interested in idle chat random PvE, dungeons, an anything else we can dream up.

Who can join our Guild?

  • The short answer is that we are open to all skill levels. Majority of the guild is Early NA Prime and we aim for a work, life, game balance so don't expect us to be on really late, all day, or everyday.

What we offer you:
Nice atmosphere
Experienced players who can help you in almost every part of the game
Max Guild Hall

Our Core Requirements
Be able to listen on TeamSpeak (having a mic is preferred as well)
Be active on TS every now and again.
Be active in guild chat if your not in teamspeak.

If you are interested please whisper or send in-game mail to one the following individuals or post down in the thread.

Walther Mindbender.8915
Actium.8765 -Sent to Sail the Seven Seas


  • Had a constructive late night raid with some solid small man fights tonight. Guild missions are tomorrow for us so its a perfect time to jump in and meet everyone.

  • Last night was fun. Running a group of 6 most of the night and fighting groups of 15+. Also, Mira, can you change my contact info to Actium.8765? :dissapointed_relieved:

    Hope to get a few more people to run a solid group of 10. :bleep_bloop:

    Char: Acium
    Guild: Mist Raiders [MR]
    Server: Darkhaven

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    Forums don't allow edits for more than 15 min after post, there is suppose to be a fix or waiting period, I haven't hit that yet.

  • Made some quick edits.

    We are still looking for a good 4-5 players that like to roam/small group fight. Hit us up in game if you are interested.

  • Made some quick edits.

    We are still looking for a good 4-5 players that like to roam/small group fight. Hit us up in game if you are interested.

  • Still looking for a few players

  • Made a few edits to update contact information and current PoF related content

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    Hosting our guild hall claim Friday night for the new PoF expansion guild hall. If you looking for a laid back casual guild and are on the Darkhaven Server contact me in game or thru this website if you are interested in joining.

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    Updated Guild Tag.

    We are still looking for new members, come join us for Fractals on Wednesday or WvW raid on Thursday.

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    Halloween Events Start October 17th, come join us for 2 weeks of epic maze farming. We will also be opening up our guild to the full server of Darkhaven. Do you like PvE, fractal progression, good ole fashion dungeon running? Yea we do that.

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    Halloween is here we in the Lab leading groups to victory (maybe). Still open to members of the Darkhaven Server. best way is to conact us in game.

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    Make Darkhaven a host server, SQRL recruiting classy individuals.

  • Looking for new members or returning players that want to just smash things in WvW

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    New 2018 goals added. see ya in game :)

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