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It would be fantastic to have Melee Attack Assist for all characters, Please Anet

anduriell.6280anduriell.6280 Member ✭✭✭✭

We need that characteristic activated as soon as we get out from respawn, so we can not go across enemies.
This is very important as being able to go thru enemy models make some game mechanics totally redundant and following pain points:

  • Teleport utilities from Thief, scourge and Mesmer are useless because you can go thru the enemy blob
  • This forces squads to tend to meatball formation because the enemy can reach easily the backline, so the best strategy is to keep all close and spam utilities. There is no strategy involved in squad distribution, just keep all models together.
  • This cause the game to have very bad performance spikes. As all players tend to stay in the same spot it causes the servers and your personal computers to handle much more information than it would if the squad would be better distributed in better defined roles.
  • Warrior doesn't have any use in WvW because it can not perform the role of tank. It can not block enemies.
  • It greatly reduces the number of roles in the squad. Because there is no zoning all there is no clear design for backline support or melee tank.
  • No meaningful defense strategy can be built. The choke points lose all it's effectiveness as the enemy can just pass thru
  • All this pain points only benefit the bigger groups exponentially making a waste of time to fight against a bigger group, tendency you can see in most blob fights and stacking servers.

To mitigate all this i propose :

  • Activate Melee attack assists to all enemy models (including NPCs).
  • Disable "F to Revive" while the player is in combat. Players can only revive allies using the skills and traits available for such tasks.
  • Mounts can be used only when the player is at full hp and get a longer cooldown when dismounted (example 30 seconds) .
  • All players enter and stay in combat as soon as they are leave from respawn area.
  • Players can use uncontested Waypoints only while inside an uncontested structure.

This will improve the gamemode in the following points:

  • Strategy during encounters will be more prominent. As players will not be able to reset the combat just entering an structure or running away decisions made during an encounter will be more definitive. Sniper builds will be effectively mitigated as they won't be able to reset the fight just running away.
  • New roles will come up, bunker will have a meaningful use now, backline and frontline will become more specialized
  • Biggers groups won't have the clear advantage now and better distributed squads and better commanders will make a significant impact in the outcome.
  • Mounts will have a relevant use as mobility tool and not as an easy escape route.

  • Everything will be better and the stakes will be higher.


  • LetoII.3782LetoII.3782 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 21, 2020

    I think the missing term op was looking for here is "Collision Detection"
    A well beaten dead horse on these forums

    [HUNT] the predatory instinct

  • kamikharzeeh.8016kamikharzeeh.8016 Member ✭✭✭
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    just shows that a thief player cannot understand the meta. warrior- spellbreaker is one of the core classes in wvw. u gotta be very kitten to not knowing that.

    he just wants smaller groups and constantly unmounted, so he and his 10 thief guild buddies can constantly gank everyone. as if that'd be not easy enough yet.

  • if you run through, turn your character around and dont run through

    stacking in a meatball is a formation meta in current wvw zerg fights
    and its because some support skills cannot reach beyond their range of casting
    and also enemies can only hit from 1 to 5 targets with one activation of a skill
    making it easier for groups from 10 and higher being able to mitigate damage in this formation

    maybe waypoints could be cooldown based... probably
    character collision is not this games drive, it would be fun, but it will require a lot of anet time and results will be not as amazing as you have expected

    you have a lot to learn about WvW, join a guild, get some tips, watch some youtube videos about zerging, it will help you calm down