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So...turret build for Open World?

I see a lot of posts saying that turrets are lacking. But then I see a lot of posts saying ANYTHING is possible in open world.

I only play solo, due to an irregular play schedule between work and little kids. I play to unwind and relax so turret build was immediately attractive to me. My only goals, really, are to get 100% exploration, craft ascended or legendary gear...and that’s it. Maybe farm gold to buy outfits or something too.

Will a turret build let me do this?

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  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm sure it'd work fine. Pair it up with flamethrower and scrapper and you will faceroll many things. Barrier from scrapper makes it super forgiving.

  • Any build can be used to 100% the world. A turret build just isn't optimal due to the lack of power and durability of turret skills so it'll take more effort and time compared to other Engineer builds.

  • Yasai.3549Yasai.3549 Member ✭✭✭✭

    When people say ANYTHING is viable in openworld, they really mean ANYTHING.

    Yu can even run all Turrets if yu like, but I highly recommend picking up Inventions' Experimental Turrets if yu choose to do so.
    The pulsing Boons are too good to pass on.

    If I play a stupid build, I deserve to die.
    If I beat people on a stupid build, I deserve to get away with it.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I hear often that Engineer flamethrower builds are among the most low effort high success builds in the game so I have to agree with those here saying Turrets + flamethrower is probably exactly what you're looking for.

  • I have leveled and played a lot with turrets.
    They are great at low level and then gradually become weak and unwanted, mostly because no power scaling and no critical.
    Around level 20, you quickly destroy a pack when deploying all turrets, it's fun and feels powerful. Around level 40, it's over and frustating.

    However, when you need aoe cc, rocket and thumper are great. Plus thumper will act as a decent tank. I even tried net turret to slow down melee elite, it works but it is still overpriced and not worth a slot.
    Riffle turret is worth using for its toolbelt but deployed or not, it doesn't make much difference, sadly.
    Elite turrets are good though, good defensive skill.

  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 14, 2021

    Turrets were made and balanced for a game with limited way to apply boons and without ferocity/concentration/expertise. The more you level the more you'll feel limited by this outdated mechanism. Personally, when I take turrets it's mainly for their toolbelt skills (healing turret being the exception), their damage and hitrate is often to slow to make them valuable.

    In PvE, I think that:

    • Rifle turret could/should have it's hitrate reduced to 1s from 2s.
    • Rocket turret could/should have it's hitrate reduced to 2s from 4s.
    • Flame turret could/should have it's hitrate reduced to 2s from 3s.
    • Thumper turret, Net turret and Healing turret are fine as they are.

    I mean, it's PvE, it's not like such hitrate would be OP considering how low their crit-rate/ferocity is.