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[NA][PvE] Super Casual player, looking for guild!

Hello guys! My name is Addison, 32 yo male, and live within the USA!
I was on and off too many times with GW2, because I was using a cloud streaming service before, but not anymore!
I recently got my very own gaming computer, a few days ago! It's powerful and perfect enough for a casual gamer like me to play games like this!
So, the days of cloud streaming services are OVER!! Man, those Cloud Streaming services are worse compared to having your own computer

So, with this new computer, being able to run Guild Wars 2 I'm sure with great FPS, I'm looking to play this again, super casuaully.
By super casually I mean that I'm addicted to another MMORPG right now BUT I thought I'd download GW2 as well since it's free forever after buying expansions, which has always been my favorite. So, if you're a really friendly, family-like, close and respectful group of people.. I'd love to join your guild ^-^

Just please keep in mind that I'm very into another MMORPG and it's my main right now, so no strict activity requirements please!

Also, my work schedule (In the USA, EST timezone) is not flexible. And I work most evenings from 5pm-11pm or so. So I apologize if I cannot attend most of your evening events!

Tell me what server you're on! I might make the move over there with you incase there's a night y'all decide you want to do PvP :)