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LFG NA Experienced Players (PVX, Casual, 5AM-12AM AEST)

RioPrayogo.6514RioPrayogo.6514 Member ✭✭
edited November 22, 2020 in Looking For Guild

Hi, I'm looking for some guilds on NA server. I'm about to move from EU to NA due to better ping.
I play around 6AM-8 AM AEST daily and play longer on Wed, Fri, and Sun morning AEST. So i would hope to find guilds that play around this time
Fun guild, big guild, and high-level guild would be a plus

What I'm looking for:
1.WVW (any server is fine, PPT preferred)
2.Raid (CM training/normal static, I've done some Raid CM. This doesn't mean I have to be in the static straight away, but a chance to get in would be nice)
3.Fractals CMs (I play as BS most of the time)

If you are willing to take me and have at least one of the 3 requirements above that meets my playtime, please comment below.
Thank you for your help!