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Does anyone else enjoy the toxic players?

Just wondering if there any non-toxic players who troll?
The best is when they whisper how much of a noob I am.
I just keep whispering back Advice and how much I believe in them.
These guys are brittle and easily manipulated.
No idea why people complain about the toxic players. I find them enjoyable.


  • Toxicity in pvp is normal. It's only when toxicity spills over into defamation, and parties seeks to permanently damage someone in-game or real life.

    I found that the PVE forums are much more toxic than PVP forums for example, because if you have a differing opinion or argument, they wouldn't attack your argument, but rather attack you personally, to the point where some even false report posts to get you banned. This is particularly frustrating when you are actually trying to have a civil discussion, and it only leads to censorship and more attacks.

    In PvP, once the match is over, that's it that's the end of it 95% of the time. The other 5% you might exchange a few whispers afterward and then eventually just move on. This is why imo Toxicity in PVP, even though it's more frequent, is less impactful than PVE toxicity.

  • Try to understand why they act the way they do, and it may be fun entertainment. Block if you dont want to deal with it.

  • Toxic players exist because they love the game, but make winning in pvp an absolute for their happiness. Toxic players often lead unhappy lives outside of the game so if anything you should wish the best for them and hope they get their lives sorted

  • ye trolling toxics is one of the best parts of pvp

    Te lazla otstara.

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    So many times ive heard people say the words 'take the rope and die'. Like how messed up do you have to be to get that enraged by a game, you then wish death upon another person irl?

    Some toxic players are quite fun to bait to be fair, since they bring nothing positive to the game, so you might as well have some fun with them.