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Request: Settings Profile Options

So, my computer is not a toaster but neither is it powerful enough to handle running the game at maximum settings at all times... I do however find myself sometimes turning up the graphics to maximum to take screen-caps of the sometimes stunning artwork of the game... but then remembering my previous settings can sometimes cause me problems. I know everyone else is calling for build profiles, but I'd be really happy with a way to save my "running around" settings that are tweaked how I want as a profile so that I can quickly swap back after screens.

Also, I have two of every class with one on each elite specialization. Some of them play very differently and could benefit from not necessarily having the exact same keybinds as others. I would love to have an option to save different key-binding profiles that I could quickly swap between depending on class being played. Not sure if anyone else would be interested in similar Quality of Life improvements, but I feel like I can't be the only one.

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