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[EU][AG] Ghost Riders of Tyria [HOME]: The Guild with a wholesome family thats always ready to help!

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Hello and a warm welcome to Ghost Riders of Tyria [HOME], we are a collective of new and veteran players that have come together to form a family feel guild. If you are looking for non-elitist, chill and fun environment to enjoy the game then check us out.

[HOME] is a guild that mostly focuses on the PvE side of the game but we also have members that are very active in WvW and we also dabble in PvP now and then. We are always trying to be there for everyone if you need help with something (be it with fractals, achievements or crafting) or just want a chat and want to talk about something.

In the guild we have ranks set up to advice you and help out in the various game modes of Guild Wars 2. For example we have High Sages that will help you with how to play your class or set up a fractal training for you. If you want advice on WvW there's also people to help you with that.

We also do midweek events: Every week there is a event to look forward to which can be anything from a bounty run or a hero point run to doing a meta event like Dragon's Stand. From time to time there are also more special events like a fashion contest. We do guild missions and we also do raid trainings. If you enjoy role-playing, there is also a roleplay group in which we play as a charr warband.

In this guild we also have no leader. Instead it is run by a council of 5 people which is where you run a term for 2 months and then someone else takes over your place. Anyone can apply and you'll have a hand in planning events and taking care of our family.

To join the guild fill in the contact form and we will reach out: https://ghostridersoftyria.com/contact/

Hope you will enjoy your stay in our family and there is always someone that will help you out or to talk to!