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New Response mission didn't unlocked



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    @Fueki.4753 said:
    There is a number things in this episode that don't make sense.

    Everyone, except the on-the-way-to-be-redeemed boy Braham, being ok with suddenly siding with Jormag.

    No one is literally okay with it. Taimi makes a lot of points. Braham is supposed to be thick headed. Not the Commander.

    The commander not murdering Ryland on the spot for being responsible that Jormag is awake.

    Ryland didn't awake Jormag. Bangar did. There was a lot of conversations between Dragons Watch and Jormag ever since.

    The business decision behind releasing such minimalist content, which obviously had no chance to be liked by most players.

    Can't explain that one.

    The Destroyers reverting back to being fire-only, rather than making use of the dead Elder Dragons' magic.

    There's a whole season of Aurene bringing balance back to magic which likely restored the leylines that caused the corruption of dragon minions.

    The new Destroyers being able to take damage from Burning.

    They abandoned that years ago. Having elemental resistances and weakness is too much for the team to balance since not every class and elite spec has access to all elements.