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DISCLAIMER: This is not a guild! This is a discord server that focuses on helping new and returning players learn anything that Guild Wars has to offer. We have veterans from all areas of the game (PvP, WvW, Fractals, Raids, Dungeons, Strikes, Open World Content... etc) who are more than willing to help teach and train anyone interested in learning.

<3 We offer a friendly and inviting community to everyone whether you're just starting out or a master looking to min-max your build and playstyle. There are always people active and ready to answer your questions.

<3 We have several static groups who regularly run fractals and raids on the server and can make more as the server grows.

<3 We have periodic free giveaways on the server available to active members.

<3 We have a list of helpful resources from our extensive knowledge about the game: whether it's the basics of the game and what you should know, or tips and tricks for how to master whatever it is you're trying to do.

If you're interested in joining as a veteran willing to help out new players, contact a Dean of Students on the server and we'll interview you for the position. Come and join our community at I can't wait to meet you and help in any way possible.


  • Always looking for new faces, whether youre brand new to the game or a veteran!

  • Still going strong with 300 members and more joining every day. We're also looking for more people willing to teach our growing population. Many of our members are showing an interest in fractals and raids.