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[NA] [Casual] Misthaven Guild is Looking for Mature Older Players

Misthaven is a small guild of older players and we’d like to recruit a few new older people (35 and older preferred). We like to keep it small so we aren’t shooting for a mass influx. We are looking for players that play fairly regularly of all skill levels and that don’t mind using Discord to chat. We are old so if you only talk in chat, you aren’t very likely to be seen because we can’t chat and fight at the same time.

Our guild is 4 years old. We have a guild hall with buffs, nodes, merchants and such. It isn’t at the highest level. I think we mostly lack the pvp and wvw stuff. We don’t do much wvw and I don’t think any of us do pvp except for a quick daily, so it isn’t a big priority.

We have Discord and like to chat on voice. If you don’t do Discord, you will miss the best part of the guild. We like to make jokes and sometimes we go down roads we shouldn’t. We are definitely an adult guild. :D

We play mainly on the weekends since most of us work. We do play week nights for a bit from about 7pm cst till about 10pm.

We are not hard core players. We are anything but. Most of us have played since the game came out in 2012. We die a lot and get a good laugh out of it. We do get things accomplished though and have fun which is the whole reason for playing to begin with.

We are on the Jade Quarry server but the server you are on only matters if we do wvw. Otherwise we can party up with no issues. We are about 90% PVE so being on a different server isn’t a problem.

We do play other games as well. We have some that play ESO, WOW and FFXIV. Regardless of what we are playing, we are usually on voice chat with each other. Even if you don’t play other games, it’s not a problem. All you have to do is ask if anyone wants to do this or that and we’ll usually jump over on GW2 and get a group going. We are very flexible folks. Well, other than when it’s bedtime. We have to be adults so we can’t stay up past bedtime on a work night. LOL

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to whisper me or send an in game mail. I have many alts so just look for kyri.2093. If we sound like we might be the guild for you, you can also send in a short application at https://misthaven.shivtr.com/. Click Apply in the upper right hand corner.


  • If you have any questions about our guild, just whisper me in game. Thanks!

  • I forgot to mention that we have both male and female members. Step on up ladies and don't be shy! I used to run a dungeons and dragons game and being female myself, I always like to see more women at the table. Girls just wanna have fun after all! :)

  • Still adding a few more folks. Just pm or send an in game mail if interested. Thanks!

  • Kyri.2093Kyri.2093 Member ✭✭

    Still looking for a few more. Please be sure you can use Discord. :)

  • Still looking?? Sent mail in game.

  • Just want to add that I joined Misthaven a couple of weeks ago, and I'm very glad I did. They are very welcoming and accepting, despite the fact that most of them far out-gear and out-skill me. There's at least a few people on Discord to chat with most evenings/weekends. They've helped me with some story-line quests, get my first ascended trinket through Guild Commendations, and break into Fractals. If the description above sounds like something you've been looking for, then I highly suggest reaching out to Kyri and come hang out with us for awhile!

  • Misthaven sounds like the perfect fit for me =) If you're still looking please send invite!

  • Kyri.2093Kyri.2093 Member ✭✭

    We still have room for a few more. We do ask that you be 35 or older and in the US since we are on a NA server and play mainly in Central and Eastern time zones. Thanks for reading. :)

  • Hi. I am interested in joining and have submitted my application via the website you mentioned.