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Druid vs Tempest

With the raw output of tempest healer staff or dagger warhorn, and its ability to provide perma regen, fury, might, and protection, Why do we need druid healers in raids. Why are tempests not considered meta for raids? The druid provides lower heals than a tempest in my understanding. Thoughts on druid being replaced with Tempest as the meta main healer?


  • Mini Crinny.6190Mini Crinny.6190 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Druid offers more offensive buffs with spirits, Spotter, and other things im sure people will point out

  • Shikaru.7618Shikaru.7618 Member ✭✭✭
    1. Spirits - this is irreplaceable much like banners because it is a unique buff no one but Rangers have access to. No buff ele provides is equatable for dps output for a squad.
    2. Entangle - a long duration immob unique to Rangers that is used on many bosses. Sam, deimos, gors, vg
    3. Tides and longbow - the best pushes in the game used on sh, vg, sam.

    All of this is combined with the fact that you can do all of these mechanics on a support slot so dps can focus on damage. Not to mention the other adaptable utility druid can bring like a pull res, omega condi cleanse, aoe stun break, an aoe res, the ability to ignore confusion for 8 seconds on kc. All of the above would be gaps you need to fill elsewhere in your comp if you bring a tempest.

    Tempest boon application is also too centralized on a single skill so the punishment for your boon uptime is immense if someone goes down. Ie. You toot fire warhorn 4, someone downs and looses all of their boons, its 30 seconds before that person can get back up to 25 might again.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The reason the primary healer is picked over each other is most seldom the healing output.

    In this case druid just outperforms all other healer builds in terms of utility, even at similar boons. If you need a ton of healing, you can always slot a healer build capable of that on the second slot. If that is still not enough for the squad to survive, the issue is not one of insufficient healing.

    Shikaro.7618 gave a few good points as to why the druid still provides more utility versus the tempest (or most other healers for that matter).

  • Wisty.4135Wisty.4135 Member ✭✭✭

    Spiritslave, mechanic slave, spotter slave - all things druid does that a tempest could but won't because only subs do as they're told.

    But really, that's pretty much it. I personally prefer bringing a tempest over druid for most of my groups, but druid is one of those classes that does so much mediocrely enough that it's preferred.

    But in trainings and stuff? You better believe I'm bringing an auramancer. Rebound, raw heals, boon support and respecatble personal damage from a healer all make it shine way brighter than a submarine cosplayer.

  • Due to its utility and offensive buffs no other healer can fully replace druid. Tempest has probably the best potential to do so (on warhorn build) and also has really good carry potential. However you would want soulbeasts to privide spirits and spotter if needed in that case.