[EU][PvX] New Gaymer Guild looking for members - Admiral Duncan — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[EU][PvX] New Gaymer Guild looking for members - Admiral Duncan

Greetings Commanders,

Admiral Duncan is a new founded Guild originating from the LGBT+ community London Gaymers. After finding that many of our members are jumping into GW2 again we decided to found a guild to have a spot for our members.

We can't offer hardcore Raiding or similar like bigger guilds, but we are looking to find new members who want to shape the Guild with us and just have fun.
Once we are enough members we are looking for running Guild Missions, having weekly Dungeon/Fractal runs and similar - but the most important thing is to have FUN.

If you are a Gaymer and want to help shape this community - just send me a message here or whisper me ingame via Nodishi.4327 !

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