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Statue of Darkness question

weaponwh.9810weaponwh.9810 Member ✭✭

for statue eye, am i not suppose to use cc? I kill it before but only today, i heard somebody said not using any cc. so i went back to read some guide/youtube, none of them said anything about not using cc.


  • Jorhn.3926Jorhn.3926 Member ✭✭
    edited December 13, 2020


    Maybe you've seen a druid or another class using the light orb, it's to apply Stun to the eye. Stun is a hard CC effect and if you are using an other hard CC (pull/launch/daze/stun/floate/knockback) , it overwrite the Stun even if the stun was 1,2,3 (or more) second duration. If Stun is overwritten, the eye will teleport randomly.

    Wiki say :
    "- Avoid using Daze, Fear, or Knockdown, as these will override the stun from the light orb and likely cause the Eye to teleport.
    - Note that other CC can be used freely including Stun and Launch."

    Not sure about the other hard CC then.

  • i see thx, thats probably why.