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Server Connection Issues

One for the past 48 hours have been having issues in the EU 1st 24-30 hours login/server connection issues now its its server connections issues all I get a Blank screen I check Task system & find that it said its running at 1,161MB when I logout of GW2 it returns to normal systems. What going on down there?

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  • JoanVT.8567JoanVT.8567 Member
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    Okay I'm able to play the GW2 did take some notes in game GPU UTIL 3% GPU SCLK 1,196 GPU PWR 28w GPU temp 28C GPU FAN1,301 RPM GPU VRAM UTIL 772 MB GPU MCLK 605 MHz CPU UTIL 43% RAM UTIL 5.0GB


  • Update: The only way I can play GW2 now is having my AMD Radeon Software tool bar on up at the top right corner of the screen, , if the GPU UTIL drops there's a spike in the usage in power same goes for the GPU SCLK the higher MHz its complex I have to do a automatic shutdown, I have a program that I made & designed that when the PC GPC Temp. reaches 55C does auto-shutdown. Should we have another event of login/server connection issues again while I'm playing I have a backup recording mode on while playing GW2 & pauses when not playing. Note I'll keep everyone updated time to time.

  • On one of my Apps. the only connection issues/login problems is happening in NA - San Francisco Ca. USA not here in EU.

  • i usually have a ping around 50-70, but right now it was at around 1000, to even 10,000, and as of right now im stuck on infinite loading screen after a client reset.

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    I'm currently unable to log in. Error Code: 42:0:9001:4457