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HFB T4 Pug gear optimizer / optimal numbers

Hey all,
I’m getting ready for T4 Pugs as HFB.

Trying to balance between Survivalbility and optimal Support.
need help with minimum Heal / Concentration numbers..

Would anyone who run a HFB in T4 Pugs ( no CM ) share a Gear Optimizer link ?

Thanks in advance ..


  • Sir Alymer.3406Sir Alymer.3406 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 23, 2020

    Magi's Shoulders
    Harriers the rest

    Weapon (2h or dual wield) Harrier's (Staff with Mace/shield or Axe/Shield)

    Full trinkets Magi's.

    6x Rune of the Monk

    Transference and Concentration Sigils

    2 concentration stat infusions

    16 healing power stat infusions

    Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish

    Bountiful Maintenence Oil

    Harrier's can be substituted with Giver's for more toughness and less power while giving up neither boon duration or healing power and becoming a brick wall.

    The initial armor is min/maxed for 150 AR. Your goal should be to hit 207 (Fractal God + 162 AR). This just means you can slowly replace a harrier's piece with another magi's or even Cleric's as you accumulate more AR. Remember, potions, specifically fractal potions, give bonuses with the mastery that scale with your agony resistance well beyond 150.

    This: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAYd7jRYP2EsYmKf6A-zRRYQhEWNqvelR1pa6VlvHEBIBwlf/jl23sA-e

    Is the radiance build I suggest. You'll notice that one utility and one elite slot aren't taken up. This is becaues, with 100% boon duration, those slots are flexible. You can take extra healing in the utility slot if it's necessary, otherwise it's usually the cleanse mantra (Mantra of Lore). Feel My Wrath shout isn't really necessary for 100% uptime on quickness but it will help out with upkeep of fury. If you're using m ace, take Feel My Wrath, otherwise, if stability is necessary, take the elite mantra (Mantra of Liberation).

    This: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAYd7hRsnlgpy16TH-zRRYQhEWNqvelR1pa6VlvHEBIBwlf/jl23sA-e

    Is the virtues build I don't suggest unless you need the extra healing. It's useful in and of the fact that virtues allows you to heal more passively. It gives less offensive buffs (No perfect inscriptions so no need for signets) Has less CC, with more healing and more options for utility. Only take this build as a last resort.

    Here's the gear optimizer for if/when you need to upgrade/change your gear as you gain more AR. https://snowcrows.com/gearoptimizer/

  • Armen.1483Armen.1483 Member ✭✭✭

    Aside from watching Rheyo videos, I would personally advise you to gear up your HFB this way:
    Make all your weapons and armor Harrier. For trinkets get yourself a Harrier amulet and 1 Harrier Ring, the others take Cleric's. This will make you concentration and optimised heal stats. It will also help you to have a viable build in raids too by just swapping out the cleric trinkets for harriers (because you won't have concentration from fractal pots, you need more of it outside of fractals, not that important tho). I wouldn't advise going tankier than that, because there is no reason to do so, you are a healer in the end. And btw high toughness can make you some new "friends" in face of aggro based enemies, so look out for this.
    For sigils: Transference and Concentration, Runes: Superior rune of the Monk.
    For reference look this site too: https://discretize.eu/builds/guardian/heal-firebrand