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Unstable and high ping after the recent patch

I can usually play normally with my 230-270 ping from Australia, but after the recent patch the connection has became unstable.

I was also about to buy more gems from the ingame gemstore as well, but I won't be buying any until this issue is fixed.


  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Lag has certainly increased, Divinity's Reach is pretty laggy atm, seems to extend into instanced wintersday content as well.
    Had someone in my Infinirarium group who was barely able to play, he was rubberbanding around everywhere poor guy.
    I got some lag too but nowhere near as bad as my ally did.

  • rrusse.7058rrusse.7058 Member ✭✭✭

    Said in another thread as well that I am getting 700+ ping from Japan after the last patch.

  • Experiencing the same thing, my ping is usually around 200 - 275 (Philippines) but after the latest patch, it's sitting around 700+. I really hoped this gets fixed soon.

  • I can relate!
    Last year I can pass the bell choir with no problem scoring 600. Now I may even get kicked out of it.
    Died more often in wvw due to huge delays when casting skills, dodging etc.

  • kitten...I get 4,5k ping spikes every minute (ik my issue is my crappy connection but i couldn't resist to share lol).

  • Is there any solution...I really cannot play anything in the game and die non-stop....Even the event is unplayable :( Please, admins....tell us what is happening???????????? :///

  • I don't know what has changed, but suddenly, from day to day, I have incredible lags. Verdant Brink farm is impossible, mobs and players are teleporting all over the screen.

  • My ping will bounce around between 60 to 500. It would be fine if it was a constant but its almost unplayable when I am trying to PvP and in the middle of a fight everything freezes for 1-3 seconds then I am dead. I am sure it is getting frustrating for not just me, but for others to a point where they probably dread even logging on. Hope it gets fixed soon. This optimization is getting ridiculous

  • Waffler.1257Waffler.1257 Member ✭✭✭

    They definitely broke something with the patch, the wintersday events are almost unplayable. Try to do the race, lag out and disconnect a few minutes in... try to do toypocalypse, lag out and disconnect a few minutes in.. try to do the wintersday raid, lag out and disconnect a few minutes in. All the while, my internet connection is perfectly fine and everything else works.

  • I am also experiencing very high latency making the game unplayable. I have never had any problems in the past (stable ping <50) but the last few days it is all over the place (consistent spikes to 1000+). My internet connection seems fine from what I can see.

  • My connection to the game has always been pretty stable, up until the release of the Champions patch. Ever since then I have incredible lag spikes, lasting for more than 30 seconds before being kicked to character select screen. I get ping spikes of up to 5k and sometimes it's lagging so hard it's not even showing the ping increase. At other times I just see my loading screen for minutes on end and can only "solve" it with Alt/F4 and try to log in again. For some reason this happens a lot in Raids (especially during the Dhuum fight) and Strike Missions. Client repair does not fix this in the slightest, it's definitely not an Internet connection issue and it has been going on for 5 weeks straight now. I'm hesitant to join pug groups because this makes a liability at best and effectively a leecher. Of course PoF and S4 maps have been lagging for me just like for everybody else for a long time now, but it has been painfully noticeable since the Champions patch since before I hardly ever had lag/server connection issues.

    I know ANet is working on connection and lag issues, but whatever they're doing it's a 100 times worse for me now. It has come to the point that I just don't bother playing the game at times because it sucks all the fun out of it.

  • Waffler.1257Waffler.1257 Member ✭✭✭

    As an update, the massive lag / disconnects only occur for me in the wintersday activities, other areas of the game such as WvW work fine. Additionally, I discovered that if I play GW2 using a VPN, the issue is resolved and I can play the wintersday activities without any problems so there is some kind of routing issue with the servers hosting the wintersday activities. Just thought I would share on the off chance that someone actually decides to look into this.

  • I came back today and my latency is above 800 on average...
    Is this something common nowadays?
    I am playing from Chile, and I usually had 180-230 ping.