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necro or elementalist

i like the look of both of their late game but i dont know which one is beter. i also play evry single mode (pvp,pve,wvw) which one is beter at healing and dps?


  • I am quite biased toward my Plaguedoctor/Mercy support Scourge. I really love the hybrid playstyle. I tend to be rather squishy as an ele so I don't enjoy the class as much.
    I really think it's just a matter of preferences, as opposed to which is better. Why not make one of each and see which you like best? Ascended armor and weapons are account bound, so you can use the same armor, jewelry, and some of the same weapons between characters. Stats can be changed for the armor and weapons, as well, via the Mystic Forge.

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    In terms of PvE, Open world combat you can play any.. though Necro is easier to play than Ele, Instanced content you will probably have more value with Elementalist elite specs over Necro although Necro is used to some degree, Necro is better in PvP and in WvW Both I feel struggle nowadays but Scourge and Weaver are Okay. Reaper and Tempest are not good, but it depends on what type of gameplay you want in WvW, Large scale or Small scale

  • Too much depends on build, game mode, play style, etc. to give you a good answer to which class to pick, so it's going to come down to which one you prefer. I think elementalist is one of the most interesting classes I've ever seen in any MMO. It has its issues, but it's a ton of fun to play and you can be successful with it in any game mode with one build or another. But be warned. It is also considered one of the more challenging classes to learn!

    Here's a video I just recorded of a little open world gameplay using Weaver with sword. It's only one way to play an elementalist, but I think it looks pretty fun, don't you? Good luck with whatever class you end up choosing!

  • Ignoring the question of which build can do what, I'll address your question about the classes in general:

    Which one is better at healing and dps? The elementalist if you are good. Eles can be the strongest class in the hands of a highly skilled player. But they are extra squishy and awful if you aren't good at them. Eles have the lowest health of all classes, so one mistake can kill you.

    Necromancer, on the other hand, is a very forgiving class. They have the the highest health in the game (equal to Warrior), so they're tanky even in full berserk or viper gear. They can do fairly high dps with an good build. But their ability to heal others is almost nonexistent.

    As a casual player, I highly favor Necro over Ele. For me, it's too easy to mis-click or hit a wrong key on an ele and die, while doing the same with my necro is usually survivable.

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    None is "better", they are just different. Elementalist does direct healing while Scourge can port downed players and provide barrier. Both are great at DPS (Weaver and Reaper), also with very different mechanics. You should try out both, then decide for yourself.

  • ok. thanks to evryone .