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[End of Dragons] Ideas for 9 new Canthan elite specializations



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    @Fueki.4753 said:

    @Tseison.4659 said:
    New mechanics I’d like to see implemented to replace what we have would be: Hexes and/or Conjures/kits aka Instruments to work hand in hand with the Warhorn weapon.

    Assuming Instrument Conjures were to replace Shatters; how would Clones (which are a fundamental part of GW2's Mesmer and therefore have to somehow work with any Shatter replacement) interact with them?
    Would the Instruments just have more charges?
    Or would they just have longer uptimes?

    Whatever Anet can think of, I couldn’t careless, as long as it has nothing to do with shatters. I guess clone generation can give “charges/pips” or summon one instrument at the given location and then using the F1-4 skills causes effects to happen in the area. shrugs

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    What i miss the most in Gw2 is the presence of a thief with dark magic powers like warlock.

  • @frareanselm.1925 said:
    What i miss the most in Gw2 is the presence of a thief with dark magic powers like warlock.

    I think the Deadeye utility skills kinda captures the "Thief Mage". I wish they'd give Deadeye two weapons, rifle and focus, instead of just the rifle.

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    I hope that EOD allows us to have two elite weapons, instead of one, therefore most of the weapons that are not available, would be, for every profession and future expansions could use mix and match weapons and/or use them differently.
    They could make:

    Heavy Armor- Soliders
    *Beserker use Torch and I'd add a main hand Shield
    *Spell Breakers use Dual Daggers and would get a Focus
    *Warlord would use Staff and an Offhand Pistol or Dual Pistols.

    *Dragon Hunters use Long Bow but would get Offhand Sword
    *Firebrands use main hand Axe and would get main hand Focus
    *Archon could get War Horn and an offhand Scepter.

    *Herald uses Shield but would also use Great Sword
    *Renegade uses Short Bow but would get main hand Axe
    *Overlord could get Scepter and main hand Pistol or Dual Pistols.

    Medium Armor - Adventurers
    *Druid uses Staff and would get focus.
    *Soulbeast uses main hand Dagger and get Rifle
    *Warden would use Hammer and Shield.

    *Scrapper use Hammer and would get main hand Mace
    *Holosmith use main hand Sword and would get Staff
    *Technomancer would get Great Swords and Focus.

    *Daredevil use Staff and gets dual Maces
    *Deadeye use Rifle and would get Focus
    *Inquisitor gets Torch and an offhand Sword

    Light Armors- Scholars
    *Tempest has Warhorn and gets an offhand Scepter
    *Weaver had main hand Sword and would get main hand Focus
    *Magnus get Long Bow and Great Sword

    *Chronomancer has Shield and gets dual Daggers
    *Mirage has main hand Axe and gets main hand Pistol
    *Enchanter gets War Horn and Short Bow

    *Reaper uses Great Sword and would get Offhand Axe
    *Scourge uses Torch and gets Rifle
    *Warlock gets Shield and Hammer.

    I hope they make a Racial Elite Specializations trait line, adding the missing health/utility skills and making racial skills on par with profession skills.

    They should revamp Revenant again. Make Revenant have an F2 Skill called "Communion" that allows the Revenant to switch to and from being possessed. They should also add the missing healing/utility skills from the profession and should be able to use them and the racial skills while not possessed.
    Ventari would be a healing skill, and the other three legends would be utility skills. The elite could channel a legend and boost them to 100% energy. They could make the current F2 an F3, but would only be used while they're communed to a legend.

  • Thief = pirate. You sing shanties to give people boons. That or bard.

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    My only critism would be with mesmers

    It sounds like longbow would fit more as channeled abilities will need to the longer range.

    Other then that some really good ideas.

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    To be honest, I don't like the most of the ideas, especially the necromancer and the elementalist. For me, the Elementalist is still a mage/wizard who has magic as weapon. Besides this, I chose the elemtalist because I like the spirit of magic whereas I don't like the military stuff. If I want to play a military class, I can play engineer, warrior, thief or ranger. Additionally, I think the ideas leads to equalizing all classes to the same see the greatsword/long bow on the elemantalist. Since the ranger deals also with the elements and the elementalist can conjure his elements it would feel as I play a ranger. But a bad ranger because the real ranger has a permanent pet.
    Regarding the necro, the spec would have fit the best to PoF since the scarab plague was part of the story. Maybe Anet could add the scarab animation to the existing scourge spells (e.g. scarab in the sand shadows). Regarding the pistol the same as I said before, I don't like the military weapons on wizard classes.