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DnD campaign guide for Tyria project

Dracyon Imperius.6309Dracyon Imperius.6309 Member ✭✭
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Hello everyone!

I'm mirroring a thread I made on the GW2RP forum since I'm anxious to get feedback on this project I have been working on for some time, or even playtest if you are willing to give it a go. I'm aware it's unlikely there's a big DnD community on the forums, but it's a format I've grown attached to, and having played GW2 as my main MMO for ages now, I was just too tempted to tie it all together with a bit of creative homebrewing, and a lot of research and development.

In the pdf (which you can find below by clicking on the link to the Google Drive), I outline how to use DnD rules to play a Tyria-flavoured game. To that end, I have made specific races, given possible class and subclass equivalents for buildmaking, listed magic items and new mechanics like hacking, piloting dune rollers, charrcopters and airships, inventoried possible backgrounds and given a short list of feats for better synergy. I have also taken the (lengthy) liberty of drafting recommended spell lists for each GW2 profession, as a departure from DnD class spell lists, to give you more flexibility but also lore-compatible limitations.

As a disclaimer, I own none of the art therein; to the best of my knowledge, I have only used official art owned by ArenaNet, and I do not plan on making any use of it beyond this project for fans, by a long-time fan of the franchise.

This is the version 1.0 of this particular project, I still plan on adding an adventuring guide to the world of Tyria with quest recommendations, cosmology data and possibly funkier stuff like advanced magitech rules and Awakened transformation on the model of Grim Hollow.

I will post a changelog here if the project gets some people interested!

EDIT: link fixed, I think.