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[EU] [PVE] Glorified Slackers [POG] is looking for more cool peeps to do cool things with!

We are a social guild that focuses on creating a group of friends. Vibing with guildies while doing some content and having fun is the goal. Some things [POG] can provide include but are not limited to:

☼ LGBTQIA+ friendly, inclusive environment

☼ Instanced content, dungeons, raids, fractals and strikes

☼ Leadership with a focus on the players and the community

☼ A freshly claimed guild hall that still smells like Mordrem (Gilded Hollow)

☼ Respectful and kind players to help you along your journey

☼ No Representation Requirement

☼ An active discord full of memes and occasionally Tom Cruise's teeth

[POG] strives to achieve a stress free atmosphere. All events and everything guild related - from representing to joining raid runs - are voluntary, not mandatory. Additionally, we like to believe we are approachable people and value your feedback above anything.

If any of the above peaks your interest or if you have any questions regarding [POG], you may contact us through discord!

  • Bousz#0134

  • Ozz#9734



  • recently returned player and im looking for a guild. I mainly just pve with my 80 guard and would like to learn more as ive never done fractals and etc. and would like to try to get back into the game. :)

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    hello im a new player looking for a nice environment can i join your guild? thanks in advance