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Which class was/is/will be always good?

Hi, my friend wants to join me in gw2, but she dont have really enough time for alts and she prefers to main one char as well and I would like to avoid her losing interest in gw2 cause of some hard nerfs that might come in future. So Im looking for the most easy survivable class (she is typical faceroll player), that has never been and preferably never will be nerfed so hard to be unplayable/not fun to play and generaly accepted in fractals/raids maybe wvw zergs. Thanks for help and happy holidays


  • Kondor.2904Kondor.2904 Member ✭✭✭

    Guardian. :)

  • @Kondor.2904 said:
    Guardian. :)

    Is it really easy class? Some people I met during leveling were unsatisfied by its low hp pool/squishiness, while being heavy armor class on top

  • draxynnic.3719draxynnic.3719 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, guardian is probably the best bet there:

    Mesmer, thief, and to an extent revenant are all fairly 'unstable' classes balance-wise, in my experience. What works one year might be nerfed or reworked out of existence the next.

    Ranger, thief, and mesmer are all not really all that accepted in wvw zergs.

    Engineer, elementalist, thief, and to a degree mesmer are all fairly 'advanced' professions that require good reflexes, keeping track of a lot of skills and weapon skill swaps, or otherwise playing at a highly proficient level to get the most out of them... or in some cases, even to survive.

    Necromancers aren't really liked much in raids/fractals at the moment. Thieves, engineers, and elementalists are in a somewhat unstable position - they're generally DPS classes in PvE, so in raids their presence in raidbuilds can be highly dependent on the state of DPS balance at the time, and for fractals people often prefer builds that bring more than pure DPS due to the tighter party limit. For those three, however, even when they're not optimal, they're usually still good enough, so if they didn't show up in the above categories, this category alone wouldn't be enough to exclude them.

    Warrior is currently regarded as close to a must-have in high-end PvE, but primarily for the sake of banners. If banners ever got nerfed hard, warriors might be in trouble there.

    So that pretty much leaves guardians. They're fairly stable balance-wise: there have been a few nerfs, but from a broad PvE and WvW perspective, a build that worked five years ago will probably work now with relatively minor adjustments. Access to Stability keeps them in high demand in wvw zergs. For open world, they're not THE most survivable out there (that title probably goes to necromancers), but they'll hold their own in most cases with good use of their defensive skills. And they have multiple builds that are currently relevant in instanced PvE, so one of them being nerfed is unlikely to knock them out of the meta altogether.

  • Kondor.2904Kondor.2904 Member ✭✭✭

    @ArktoCZ.5837 said:

    @Kondor.2904 said:
    Guardian. :)

    Is it really easy class? Some people I met during leveling were unsatisfied by its low hp pool/squishiness, while being heavy armor class on top

    The class is pretty straightforward and has easy-to-nail-down rotations with few external factors to depend on combined with ability to block or heal through stuff, as well as broad boon coverage, and while might not be as faceroll as necro, it has an outstanding build diversity, weapon and role variety (which is also pretty balanced), viability in every single game mode and meta status in all of them, except sPvP, and has been steadily holding that position throughout the game. Guardian is a very safe bet if you want a stable, chill and, moreover, incredibly efficient class that will persist in the face of any balance patch.

  • draxynnic.3719draxynnic.3719 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @ArktoCZ.5837 said:

    @Kondor.2904 said:
    Guardian. :)

    Is it really easy class? Some people I met during leveling were unsatisfied by its low hp pool/squishiness, while being heavy armor class on top

    Depends on what you mean by 'really easy'. Warrior, necromancer, and ranger are easier right off the bat (and necromancer stays that way), but core warrior and ranger mechanics can risk lulling you into a false sense of security: they have a high base level of survivability, so in a lot of fights you'll feel like you're just not being threatened at all, but when the chips go down, they often don't have anything left in the tank to survive. Guardian requires playing a bit more actively because of that low health pool, but if you bring defensive utilities and/or weapons while you're learning rather than going all-in on offensive skills, when things to turn south you have a better chance of being able to recover than a warrior or ranger in that situation. In my experience, anyway.

    To put things in context, back around release, my girlfriend at the time started out with thief, didn't like it because she was finding it too hard to survive, and switched to guardian and found that perfectly fine.

    You could probably get away with warrior or ranger. The main concern I'd have with warrior is its reliance on banners - on the other hand, though, if she really just wants to faceroll, bannerslaves don't have complex rotations. For rangers, the main concern is acceptance in zergs (but then, worst case scenario they can't stop you if you just want to follow along and pewpew) and that playing support on ranger largely means Druid and that can be a PITA to learn. That said, if she's a faceroll-type player you probably wouldn't be looking to slot her into a support role anyway, so that aspect might not be a big deal.

  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think it depends on what she wants to do. If it is just story and open world, anything will be fine.

    Classes to avoid for complicated raid type play and tight rotations would be better to know...here are my thoughts on more complicated rotation to avoid:
    Mesmer, Engineer, Elementalist, Revenant

    If you aren't going for max dps, all of these at just fine in open world.

  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 25, 2020

    I would say guardian , revenant, and maybe warrior. Guardian because of quickness application (PVE) and stability (WVW) , revenant because of alacrity (PVE) and perma-fury / ranged DPS (WVW), warrior because of banner (PVE) and boon rips/CC (WVW).

    PVE (fractals): Guardian has innately high sustain due to virtue of resolve and aegis spam and can be run with minstrel stats; revenant has high sustain if you run Dance of Death (which is far weaker in competitive modes due to the trait split) but gearing might be an issue due to the Diviner stats' time gate. Warrior has highest base armor and health but the armor level tanks if you run berserker : if you're with a guild group they might let you run core warrior or use Eternal Champion (which results in more or less the same damage as core warrior as a result) but that isn't necessary nor is it a good idea in an area such as raids where the outcome is predicated partly on DPS.

    edit: as far as "faceroll" goes the autoattacks on some classes' builds are significantly more potent than others , it's been benched last year something akin to

    32-33K single shortbow soulbeast (ranger) with easy rotation rather than auto-ing , the typical condi soulbeast has 14.7k auto on shortbow with refined toxins trait ... you wouldn't run it in fractals
    23K staff daredevil (thief)
    21.5-25k Holo (engineer) Photon Forge (depends on conditions existing on target)
    24k Reaper (Necromancer) Greatsword + shroud cycling
    19.2k Weaver (power , elementalist) in air attunement with bolt to the heart trait
    18.5k Soulbeast (ranger) Greatsword (flanking)
    18k power Herald (revenant)
    16.4k Grieving Firebrand (Guardian) axe
    16k Reaper (Necromancer) Greatsword
    15.6k Dragon Hunter (guardian) greatsword
    15k power chrono (mesmer) sword
    14.5k- 17.4K Holo sword with zero heat (depends on conditions existing on target)
    14.5K Condi quickbrand (firebrand guardian) axe
    14.5k power axe berserker (warrior)
    14.3k Diviner Renegade (revenant)

    WVW: Guardian is typically full minstrel heal firebrand which means it is high sustain by definition. Revenant while typically full berserker stats can be run with marauder armor/trinkets or durability rune. Warriors (spellbreakers in particular) will have higher sustain due to full counter and higher armor but also the meta large scale (as opposed to roaming) spellbreaker is full minstrel focusing on CC and boon rip rather than damage.