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Lowkey... What if we had in-game Warbands?

I didn't pay much attention to Warbands in Gw2 until Icebrood Saga. They hyped them up and even gave us a glimpse of what it was actually like in the (What seemed to be,) for fun episode of the season. Visons of the Past: Steel and Fire. It was so much fun, and I really like the idea of our own in-game Warbands, name them and have a Max limit of 15 players. So it doesn't defeat the purpose of Guilds themselves. But they have traditional names to stick with the Charr origins. And there's like a leaderboard for the top Warband to rank up the most points.

Points, I mean make it so we have a questline, just like the playable episode. Defense missions, etc etc. I believe it would be a lot of fun. Really. Obviously Gw2 is a very big company and most likely will not take this forum into account. Let alone see it. And I also understand that it would be a lot to incorporate something brand new like that.

But kitten. Wouldn't it be fun?