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Suggested new Mastery Line: Crosstraining

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Mastery: Crosstraining:

What can I do with it?

The Mastery will allow

  • The use of ALL utility skill and weapon abilities you unlocked with both elite specialisations without using the needed elite specialisation itself -and/or-
  • The use 2 elite specs at the same time... with the loss of 1 minor adept trait...

All builds and specialisations have uses, for some it might be vanilla, for others HoT or PoF have advantages.
This holds true for all elite specialisations and sometimes the vanilla mechanics are most usefull as well for the purpose you envision.

Suggestion: the following mastery levels in CROSSTRAINING could give acces to new abilities.

  • Crosstraining: 1 Use the weapons of other elite specialisation(s) provided you have 'm unlocked no traits though :smile:
  • Crosstraining: 2 Use the skills of another elite specialisation... Wanted those skills? Use 'm if you have 'm unlocked. :grin:
  • Crosstraining: 3 Use full the traitline of another elite specialisation (yes this could mean 2 elite specialisations!) :smiley:
  • (!) BUT (!) You are only able to use use 1 mechanic: bottom row would be the main elite specialisaton from your selected masteries. :open_mouth:

Notes with the suggestions :

The limitations on elite specialistaions are more or less dropped. Provided you have PoF and HoT unlocked, the characters elite specialisations AND the mastery unlocked...
One limitation remains in place. You can only have 1 base proffesion and can only use 1 specialisation within this mastery, either vanilla, HoT or PoF based.

  • Either be tempest or weaver so you choose: either overloads or a split bar . Either place tempest last or weaver last. Either swap every 5 seconds or get overloads , you mix weaver skills with auramancer options.
  • Do you want to use the condition weapons of the scourge but a deathshroud? Use soulreaping (or any other vanilla traitline) last and place scourge in the middle, now you cannot place sand shades but you'll get a ranged deathshroud.
  • Play druid with a dagger mainhand? no problem. Or soulbeast with a staff?

The weapons and skills could provide a nice set of options presently impossible.... Anyone for traps on his firebrand? Or a dome on the cPS Zerker? Or maybe a staff on your soulbeast? Bring barriers to vanilla builds.

What do you think? It may enhance gameplay a bit.

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