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Transfer of GW2 from HDD to new SSD

I just got a new SSD for Xmas and want to transfer GW2 to it from current HDD. Steam has an easy way to do this for your complete library. Does ANet have a similar method ?


  • Copy/paste the entire folder from program files or w/e it is on your current drive ( technically just need the .dat and .exe files in the same folder somewhere), update shortcuts to the .exe and you're off and running.

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    Since you have a massive .dat file (51GB on my drive) and a small installer I would just install GW2 and copy the dat file over. Keep in mind you need NTFS file system on windows if you aren't using a direct transfer and are using an intermediary step such as an external drive (some of those are FAT32 when you get them with a file size limit).

  • Thank you gents! Nice and easy~~~

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    Don't forget to format your SSD using GPT instead of MBR. It's more secure in case of corruption. I recommend the same for the HDD, convert it to GPT if you can temporarily store your data elsewhere to free the disc.

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    What SSD and what HDD are in the system? Many of the newer SSDs allow the use of cloning software for free if it detects one of their drives in the system, such as Samsung, WD, etc. Most use a brand name like acronis true image, which are also SSD aware cloning programs, it will do a full clone of the OS and file system to the SSD, then all you have to do is remove the HDD and install the SSD and boot like normal, everything should remain the same and the only thing you should notice is the much faster SSD.

    The only reason to do a full install is if you are upgrading to a newer version of windows, or the file system is corrupt etc etc.

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    The game is basically just two files: the .exe and the .dat. That's all you need to start the game.

    Technically GW2 does not need to be installed at all. If you want to backup the game, then you just need to save the .exe and the .dat. If you did this, then for recovery all you have to do at the first start of the game is selecting your language and reconfigure your graphics and audio settings (as these are stored separated in your personal appdata folder). Every other setting is saved online on the server and does not need to be reconfigured.