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"And so, the grey-clad came from the outer night, and their jagged maw did swallow the stars, and their black gaze did mirror the void of oblivion. Their pale shadows fell upon the servants of the skulled-one with great fury from the darkness, unseen as the beast that lurks beneath the black waters, death for death, blood for blood..." (Warhammer 40k)

Introducing Carcharodons My Guildwars2 version of a mysterious and enigmatic chapter of Astartes. Founded recently and needing members, whether your a fan of Warhammer or not, if your seeking a new home feel free to request an invite. In time there will be a guild hall for members to use as the days(weeks?) go on. For now I'm accepting anyone that just wants to game on their own terms. No major rules or guidelines, nothing too serious. Just respect each other and try to have fun solo or team up. If your new or a vet of the game, its all good.

About me: I'm an adult gamer and I have been playing off an on for the past 6+yrs. Been with various guilds and experienced much. I never have had my own guild and decided that perhaps its time to extend my game resume.

I'll check here as often as I can for responses.

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    We are slowly growing. If your a new or old player it matters not. Play at your own pace and know there are others willing to help. Send me a message if your interested in joining.


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  • Tired of being told what to do? Tired of being told what you can and cannot say? Tired of being forced to be at guild hall meetings? This is not a job! It's a game!

    We have one rule > Respect each other.
    We have one request > Help out when you can.
    We have one Law > Have fun!

    "Do not think you hold the advantage, that we are brought to bay in the open and vulnerable. We stand here by our choice, and while you strive to slay the few of us, our brothers strike unopposed elsewhere"
    — Strike Leader Tare Reihan, Pale Nomads Chapter of the Raven Guard

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