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Fearless Achievement - Zerker Daredevil


So i've tried looking this up and everyone is always just posting how easy it is for condi, but i don't play condi. I'm a staff daredevil with all ascended zerker gear. Is it possible for me to od this achievement? the best i've ever done is 47% then i die cause everything takes so long to recharge. If i make a condi build will i just suck unless i get gear as well? or can i just make a build and still do this? Can someone please help me out. I need to know what kind of build to use and also how to play it. Idk how to play a condi build so if you can tell me what buttons to hit as my basic way of doing damage for this stupid achievement it be a big help :( really sad about how unbalanced this achievement is still 3 years later.