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Fear + Resistance =Stunbreak?

I wanted to ask if im being stunned by fear and someone else grants me (or i give myself) resistance, so fear doesnt work anymore ,but isnt being removed,
Does this count as a stunbreak? (that may trigger several traits etc)


  • It does not count as a stunbreak, but you are not under the effect of fear anymore.
    You could easily test this with a warriors berserker stance and rousing resilience trait.

  • Hesione.9412Hesione.9412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Assuming you are in a guild with the arena unlocked, you could play around with this using a couple of guildies to see the mechanics (e.g. one guildie can put fear on you, the other guildie can give you resistance). I'm not sure that the arena activates either the PvP or WvW restrictions on skills, etc, though - and I assume you are wanting to know this for competitive environments.