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Amala predicted the Sylvari?!

In the Twilight Oasis fractal, we get to see (well, participate in) Amala's death and subsequent Awakening. During the fight, Amala transforms into a number of Dervish forms and in most cases, uses the old Dervish elite-forms we knew and loved in GW1. Except for 2: Grenth and Melandru. I don't care much about Grenth's just being GW2 armor skins (though, I would've loved to see the old Grenth Dervish elite-form again!), but the Melandru form is a Sylvari.

Amala was slain and Awakened in or around 1175 AE.
The first Sylvari didn't appear in Tyria until 1302 AE.

I have the perfect solution to this, though: Make the original Melandru elite-form a gemstore costume (like Lyssa, Dwayna, and Balthazar), release it for Earth Day with part of the proceeds going towards something green in nature (no pun intended), and (of course) re-costume Amala in the Melandru elite Dervish form since it'll be in the game. Oh, and gift me the skin for free for noticing your goof.

I'm mostly joking about that last part...mostly. >.>

Apologies to anyone who has noticed and posted about this. I only did a cursory search on the forums (which I admittedly don't use very often, so I may have missed it!).


  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's noted on the wiki as well.

    It's a funny conflict when you get into it but unfortunately it really isn't anything more than Anet reusing assets to save time and resources most likely lol

  • Laurelin.2658Laurelin.2658 Member
    edited January 7, 2021

    Yeah, I noticed it said it on the Wiki, but the Wiki doesn't point out the inconsistency in the timeline, which is mostly what this post is about, haha.

    However, I did recently start playing my sylvari Warrior and she could use a very cool armor set or costume (hint, hint) and I'd wear the heck out of that Melandru elite-form if they offered it (which there's precedent for since they've recycled a few of the other Dervish elite-forms for gemstore costumes already).

    Edited to add: And yes, I agree that it's most likely just Anet reusing existing resources to save time and it is half-right: Awakened Amala being modeled after a sylvari when we meet her in Istan isn't weird or inconsistent - the Sylvari have been in Tyria for 30ish years at that point. Mostly I'm just poking fun at a bit of trivia I noticed 3+ years after the release of that fractal, lol.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 7, 2021

    You are also taking into account the Sylvari not related to the Pale Tree here too right? Which for all purposes would look similar to the Sylvari which were raised by the Pale Tree.

  • Laurelin.2658Laurelin.2658 Member
    edited January 7, 2021

    Oh, good point, I forgot about them.

    But do those sylvari predate the Pale Tree sylvari by 100+ years? If they do, there's possibly no inconsistency. But, if they don't, there definitely still is.

    I'm going to look that up now, thanks!

  • Sir Alymer.3406Sir Alymer.3406 Member ✭✭✭

    The other thing is, Melandru is just a nature themed god and all of her art has her looking like the original concept of Sylvari. There are also the druids (Oakhearts and such) which have a very similar theme to Melandru. What's going on here is likely that Melandru's avatar form looks a lot like a sylvari already and, to save time in development of a new model with new animations, they just re-used a sylvari model.

  • Laurelin.2658Laurelin.2658 Member
    edited January 8, 2021

    Yeah, but the Melandru form in Twilight Oasis fractal is very clearly a modern sylvari in Tier 2 Light Cultural Armor (I probably should have mentioned that earlier). (I specify modern sylvari because the original concept art for them looked more like humans wearing plants instead of humanoid plant-creatures).

    So, yeah, I get that they're recycling models to make it easier for themselves irl, but from an in-game perspective, it looks like a goof.

    Edit to add: the Melandru Dervish elite-form looks more like a walking tree than even the modern Sylvari do (imo). I personally would've loved to see them recycle all 5 of the Dervish elite-forms.

  • dace.8019dace.8019 Member ✭✭✭

    Normally I'd try to see past ArenaNet's creative process and commit to seeing the content for what it is but I struggle to do that with this one. It just seems like a time saver!