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New Player - server debate

Hi guys, I just got the game yesterday, which server should I pick? I'm in US on the East Coast.
Thanks for tips in afvance


  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Welcome to the game! :)

    Your server only matters for World vs. World (WvW). For everything else maps are shared between all servers in the region, so you can meet and play with anyone on any NA server (or any EU server if you pick one of them, but I assume you'd pick NA since you're in America).

    So unless you're expecting to play a lot of WvW you can choose any server and it won't make a difference. If you are playing to play WvW a lot then it's probably best to talk to friends who play already, ask around the WvW section of the forum or pick one based on the leaderboards.

    You can always change it later if you want to. It does cost gems (which can be obtained with gold, or real money, or a mix of both) but your whole account moves together so you won't lose anything if you do choose to transfer.

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  • cloudsareyum.8120cloudsareyum.8120 Member ✭✭
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    Don't choose anything yet, and esp not yet on the leaderboards. More on this in another post, but also don't choose Maguuma unless you're sure.

  • Okay, going to continue.
    Don't choose anything yet. You should have one free server change only before it costs gems, and most likely you'll be put in some lower-leaderboard WvW server, that will always get paired up with WvW servers that are higher on the leaderboards, so you can experience hanging with big WvW servers and taking a free 'tour' of what it's like to game with that WvW server. Once you find a big WvW server you like, you can then use your free server change to switch to them (or if your friend joins GW2 and it turns out you do not like WvW, you guys can use one of the server changes to be able to hang out and do WvW on the same world.)

    In regards to anything outside of World vs World, servers do not matter, you and your friends can change , but if you're interested in getting some of the end game content stuff like legendaries, you will have to go into WvW to complete some collections and so on even if you are a PvE-er. You could actually avoid WvW for all of your gaming and avoid interacting with people but yeah.

    Do not, do NOT pick Maguuma unless you're are ok with really dirty jokes and people being toxic over chat- their culture in general- (as of now, anyway.) Again, I would recommend just staying with your server and 'touring' all the servers until you find one with a culture you like, then you can go change servers to stay with that one. The high leaderboard ones- some of them are fabulous, friendly to newbies and organized, some of them are kind of nasty, some of them are polite but private tag everything and kind of clique-y.... it's much better to not just jump in to any high leaderboard one. You WILL be put together with a high leaderboard one working with your server on rotation, so you are going to experience active WvW anyway.

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    Also, some servers (guess one!) purposely "tank" in certain tiers specifically to end up one tier below. And then proceed to make life a misery for many of the players who sit in servers in that lower tier.

    These will be the servers where players order other players to take objectives only and not fight, because fighting and winning increases skirmish points, makes the server win skirmish after skirmish and stops the server tanking.

    You may wish to hold off until you are paired with one of these servers. Players can be quite nasty when you interfere with their inter-guild agreement to tank.