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[NA] Looking for a guild

I am current looking for a new guild.

I would prefer one that has a PvE focus with fractals and raids. I enjoy open world and some wvw on the side, but being on Tarnished Coast it does limit options for that.
I have some experience with wings 1-4, I've cleared them but only enough to be familiar with the bosses. Wings 5 - 7 I haven't touched much. I have a power daredevil raid ready, along with a power banner slave and a condi soulbeast.

I am looking for a place to learn the fight, but will understand that work life comes first. But my biggest requirement is that the guild be A-political, I come on the game for escapism and I will pull the ripcord and vacate if politics sneaks it's way into conversations.


  • No politics in the world wide guild of Ye Old Curmudgeons. I'll contact you in game for a discussion about our laid back guild 😊