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Therumancer.3572Therumancer.3572 Member
edited January 9, 2021 in Looking For Guild

I'm a recently returned player who hasn't played for a few years and returned to find things a lot different. I mostly solo and keep to myself, but would like some people to chat with while I play, and maybe try some of the tougher content later on.

I bought the expansions, and just boosted an Engineer to 80 (since it's a class I wanted to try, even if the class forums imply it's not very good) and will largely be playing him. I also have an 80 Elementalist and Revenant who were my old main characters, but I can't remember what they were doing, and with the way the metas have changed I'm afraid they won't work too well. I logged in my Rev and he almost instantly got crushed by some kind of fire breathing dinosaur. I think he's part way through HoT, somewhere out in the jungle.


  • I have just logged off but will contact you later to see if the Ferguson's Crossing guild, Ye Olde Curmudgeons may be of interest to you 😊