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Allow us to skip cutscenes/dialogues

As what the title says, kindly put a system where it allows us to skip cutscenes/dialogues during claiming of achievements. It is no longer necessary for us to watch these scenes over and over when we are repeating these chapters for the sake of collecting achievements. This happens especially when an achievement fails and we have to repeat the same thing all over from the start.

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  • Blude.6812Blude.6812 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's been requested more times than I can remember, in both these and the old forums. From what I can recall (unless someone else can find the elusive and maybe extinct response(s) from Anet) it has been totally ignored. Ditto for requests to have save points during personal stories.

  • It's indeed been asked many times before, and yes it has been ignored by Anet systematically, but for the record: I fully want this.

    Stop the disconnects during unskippable cinematics
    Stop the constant frustration from doing extremely long instances all over again while you were 1 click away to end it.
    Stop the "most likely problem is router settings" lie

    Actually start fixing your old content.

  • Yes. We asked for it dozen of times. If I remember, it can´t be changed because some actions happen during the cutscene (according to a dev).

  • reikken.4961reikken.4961 Member ✭✭✭

    skipping cutscenes requires an actual update to the game code. and anet has no code devs left

  • Solvar.7953Solvar.7953 Member ✭✭✭

    Even better, at least as far as achievements go, would be a way to get to the part of the instance where certain achievements start, and skip all the junk (trash mobs, conversations,etc) that lead up to it. It would make achievements easier to get, because you could retry more easily. But at this point, I've largely given up on a lot of them, because I do not find it fun playing through 15 minutes of junk content, only to then fail at the achievement in the first minute of the battle.
    Though in reality, I don't expect Anet to ever fix this. The fact they never updated the LS2 ones so that you could try to get them when playing through first time on another character is evidence of something that does exist (all following LS stories support this), and it is incredibly rare that Anet ever touches old content.