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Account controls swap themselves?

Hey, folks. I'm getting something weird when I play sometimes where after talking to an NPC or accessing one of the menus (inventory, hero points, etc) my controls get switched around. Right click will start "run", and wasd will still cause the character to move, but the camera will not reposition behind the character. Sometimes wasd will not cause the character to move in the expected direction. I haven't found a way to fix it, outside of dicking around with the controls until it seems to fix itself.
Does anyone know what causes this, how to fix it, and how to prevent it?
Running a repair file does not fix it.


  • The wasd controls not working as expected can be caused by having multiple keyboard layouts installed and swapping between them by accident. Try hitting win key+space or left alt+shift to change between keyboard layouts. If that doesn't help try typing wasd in chat to see if the keys are at least mapped correctly to the keyboard.
    Right click making you run forward shouldn't be caused by this though it could be caused by switching windows (alt+tab) while the left mouse button is pressed, the game doesn't always pick up on key press changes when that happens.