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Community Games, Any thoughts?

Welcome to Community Games [GAME]
I have come up with this idea of playing Community / Social minigames.
I hope you like it and if are interested please PM me.
Any suggestions are welcome, This is still pretty early stages, but i have made some interest.


Everyday I see a lot of players standing around in major cities, not doing a lot. (AFK Maybe)
Years ago some of my in-game friends and myself came up with some minigames for us to do while just messing around.
Originally me and my friends just gave each other 2 gold, but it always got a bit competitive.
With more players maybe could do a larger reward?

Representation is not 100% needed.
Only when the Minigame is being played.

Hide n Seek
Map Treasure Hunt
(Minigame suggestions are welcome)

Hide n Seek

Names will be placed in a raffle (10-15)
Names drawn will be placed into MY Squad.
1 Name will be drawn to Hide and placed into an OFFICIALS Party.
The Hider has to do 1x emote before the timer ends.

Timer will be set:
If Hider is Found, NO WINNER
If timer ends, WINNER

Jump Puzzle Routes are ALLOWED.
Instances are NOT ALLOWED.

Map Treasure Hunt

Names placed in a raffle (10-15)
OFFICIALS will be placed around the map randomly (Maybe myself included)
Players have to look around the map to find a specified OFFICIAL I nominate.
Found OFFICIAL will tell you the name of next OFFICIAL to look for.

1st & 2nd Place WINNER
(2nd Place a Less Reward)

Map chat CAN be used.
Jump Puzzle Routes are ALLOWED.
Instances are NOT ALLOWED.

Like I said, Early stages, but if interested PM me.
Thanks :D