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Ren's (daily) Total Bounty Tour

Hello fellow adventurers and lovers of great lootness across Tyria!
I am known in-game as Ren, and, upon popular request, I am committing to hosting a daily Total Bounty Tour for the foreseeable future.
(Excluding Sundays because I need to nap sometime.)

For all of the details and helpful notifications on this event or to ask me any questions and/or place requests for assistance with in-game goals, you can visit my guild discord server here:
This is a text-chat only server; nice, quiet, and unobtrusive. :)

You may also ask me questions directly in game with this chat command: /whisper Aerulight.7250
(Do note that I won’t be able to reply to your questions if you are set to Offline mode.)

And now a breakdown of what you can expect from my Total Bounty Tours:

Each day I will lead us through ALL the bounties in a select zone(s) for POF and LWS4.
Each zone has anywhere from 1-4 areas which we will clear one area at a time; defeating the 5 Champion targets first and then the Legendary target.
This is a total of 18-24 targets for each run.

First, I will collect a bounty notice and mark the target on the map for everyone in squad to see; then I’ll link the nearest WP as needed and indicate which direction to go.
We will rally near the marker and pre-clear any local mobs for a better fight.
Once 90% of the squad has arrived on location, I will trigger the target's timer and we will begin combat.
I will then broadcast which random buffs the target has spawned with that we need to be wary of, and, I will include a general combat tip for how to deal with it.
Once the target is defeated, the squad will hold position while I grab the next notice - we rinse and repeat like this until the whole zone is cleared of all bounties.

I am a medium speed commander who does not like to leave anyone behind or downed. This influences our squad’s methodology and goals.

Main Goal: bring a swift death to each target while keeping each other alive and on our feet for maximum fun and destruction.

Uber Goal: obliterate each target without a single death or down! >:3

I am keeping a record of our Flawless Victories so you can revel in your accomplishments. This can be found on the linked discord server as well as the squad message when you enter squad. So far, you have all done very well, so I believe we’ll definitely be able to reach a perfect blitz in the future!
Challenge accepted.

Methodology pt 1: out-DPS these defensive buffs: Propagator, Restorer, Survivor.

Methodology pt 2: heal well enough to ignore all the offensive buffs: Polluter, Scorcher, Ley-Energy Buildup, Sniper, Spinning Laser.

What you need for optimal participation and enjoyment of the tour:

Access to the maps and their waypoints for POF and LWS4.
At least these 3 mounts: Raptor, Springer, and Skimmer. (Skimmer will protect you from zones effects)
Ideally, the first 3 tiers on those mounts’ Masteries trained.
Also ideally, 1 tier in United Legions Waystation Mastery trained, for the [Electromagnetic Pulse] skill to use on target’s Breakbars.
One 900+ range weapon on swap for Phase-Shifting targets.
You and your indomitable human spirit <3

Three notes on squad etiquette:

  1. Do NOT collect the bounty targets. The Tag will gather them for you to ensure the timer doesn't start before everyone has arrived. Do not worry, you will get credit for the bounty by simply attacking it once we begin. :)

  2. Rez your comrades before they die! (Alive = better morale & more DPS; more DPS = faster zone clear; faster = more loot/XP for your time.)

  3. If at any point you've completely died, please WP and run back as quick as you can because rez'ing from the defeated state has a slower channel than from the downed state - this risks wiping the squad.

Each tour will begin daily at 5pm UTC.

The zones are divided daily as follows:

Monday: Desert Highlands (18 targets)
Tuesday: Crystal Oasis (18 targets)
Wednesday: Desolation (18 targets)
Thursday: Jahai Bluffs, Domain of Kourna, and Domain of Istan. (18 targets)
Friday: Elon Riverlands and Sandswept Isles (24 targets)
Saturday: Domain of Vabbi (24 targets)

I look forward to adventuring forth with you all in the days ahead and to bringing our collective destructive might down upon these tasty walking loot bearers!

To join my squad for this and other events use this chat command: /sqjoin Aerulight.7250

Thank you! ^_^