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[EU][PVE] A casual player looks for a group and new friends

Hello there. I'd like to begin with a word about myself.
I must say, I am somewhat of an on and off GW2 player. In the past, whenever I would get to it, eventually the chore of daily activities would tire me out without letting me touch what I actually came into GW2 for - group PvE. Dungeons are half abandoned and half full with old players who run through them with their eyes closed, and fractals on tiers to which I got (1-2 and the beginning of 3rd) are also full of players who just run through for dailies. The rush of all that stresses me out.
I am a casual player. In the past, my best experiense with MMORPGs was the time in World of Warcraft Cataclysm when I raided with my small guild of friends, discussing tactics in voice chat and joking in a wait for a healer to arrive. Sadly, WoW isnt the same now, and I lost touch with these people long ago. I originally came into GW2 with hopes to repeat that experience, but somehow, I couldn't. The guilds I was in weren't as closely knit together, and the requirements for getting into raids are much higher than in WoW. Or, to be more precise, in WoW you were able to get equipment for raids in dungeons, while in GW2 that requires either passing all sorts of timegates (daily fractals for chests and crafting) or grinding gold like mad to buy crafting materials for equipment.
And that without even mentioning ascended acessories...

Well, all of that aside, I look for a group of players to chilly and casually go fractals or, even better, raids together. Without rush or elitism, yeah. Build-wise, I have power reaper with ALMOST full ascended gear, but I also really want to gear a healing druid because I am a healslut in my soul.