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Ability to see in other characters inventory when open inventory or crafting.

Don't know if been stated before having the ability to see in other characters inventory from like a small drop down menu pretty much a glass window you cant open basically shared inventory slots but you cant touch with a search function. I just feel it be QoL when looking to see what you got and haven't out side of bank tabs and Crafting storage. saves you having to log in out like 40 characters to find what your looking for.

Am guessing the tech might be there as of the shared inventory's why I am kind of putting it forward as something that maybe can be done.


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    Just noticed a sticky post for QOL I moved this post there but I cant seem to remove this post

    Sorry about that.

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    @Donari.5237 said:
    Oh you mean other characters of your own? Check out gw2efficiency . com. You'll need to create an API with the relevant permissions on your ANet account page, and plug it in to the site (and maybe log in to each character once, I forget), but then you have all sorts of fancy things you can find out about which character has what, what your bank inventory is worth on the TP, what mats you need to craft things, etc. Plenty of filters to narrow things down.

    Hope that helps!

    yes other characters of my own from one character in the inventory window basically just basically a glass window type thing from drop down menu.

    Yeah I knew about gw2efficiency for years just hardly use it or log into its a handy tool but am one these if I don't need to truly need to use it I wont.
    I guess when am in zone I don't want be opening web pages and so forth / 3rd party and logging in and messing about trying get things to work.
    I state this QOL more for Quickens and accessibility as just something for in out.

    But yeah nice advice for who ever needs it ^>^

  • It's unlikely the Devs will create something that mirrors what players have created using the API the Devs released, just for that purpose.

    Still, good luck.

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    It would be useful to have this in-game. I use GW2 Efficiency and it's not too much of a problem for me to have it open while playing since I play in windowed mode anyway, but in my other MMO I have an addon which lets me do it through a menu in the game itself and that's definitely easier since I can have it side by side with my inventory to compare things quickly.

    I recently got an exotic spear with decent stats as a random drop and it was annoying having to go through the GW2 efficiency menu, waiting for it to load everything up, to check what each of my characters was currently using so I could see who needed it. Not nearly as annoying as logging into each character in turn, which is the current in-game way, but still more hassle than I'd like for what could be a quick check.

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    That seems like trying to solve a problem that mostly comes about as a result of trying to use characters as bank slots. Which might come about because using character as bank slot is much more cost effective and the character slot limit is much higher than bank slot limit.