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sPvP Balance/QoL Suggestions

Vombs.5917Vombs.5917 Member ✭✭
edited January 22, 2021 in PVP

-Eliminate decap builds by granting prevent capture-point contribution debuff for 2 seconds upon knocking back & launching.

-Reduce non-targeted mobility of thief fixing unhealthy decap interaction with Conquest.
Infiltrator’s Arrow- Requires target. Grants stealth (3s) on successful hit. Range increased to 1200.

-Convert all resurrection skills into healing abilities that only affect allies.
(Signet of Mercy, Battle Standard, Illusion of Life, Signet of Undeath, Glyph of Renewal)
("Search and Rescue!", Glyph of the Stars, Function Gyro, Toss Elixir R, Transfusion)
(Arcane Resurrection, Ritual of Life, Medic’s Feedback)

-Rework instant cast damage & CC abilities that immediately hit the target.
Lightning Strike - Next attack inflicts a lightning strike with 1 second delay.
Bewildering Ambush - Now procs off interrupt instead of steal. [10sICD]
Mantra of Pain & Arcane Wave - Damage removed. Now inflicts blind (3s).
Mantra of Distraction, Sleight of Hand & Primal Echoes - Daze removed. Now breaks enemy targeting.

-Convert all damage & weakness/immobilize application on CC traits to on interrupt.
(Lightning Rod, Body Blow, Dwarven Battle Training, No Escape, Expert Examination)

-Applying transform ability to yourself or foe will prevent capture-point contribution for their duration.
(Lich Form, Tornado, Rampage, Signet of Humility, Toss Elixir X)

-Convert all line abilities into rings/circles/domes.
Rings: (Unsteady Ground[180], Line of Warding[180])
Circles: (Flamewall[180], Napalm[180])
Domes: (Wall of Reflection[360], Sublime Conversion[360], Temporal Curtain[360], Veil[360])

-Make must have traits for warrior & thief baseline to match other profession’s elite specs 2 trait line choice variety.
(Fast Hands & Preparedness)

-Rework all multi-projectile melee fanning abilities to work from range like Sevenshot.
(Dragon’s Claw, Fan of Fire, Splitblade, Poison Volley)

-Improve combo finisher effects.
(Whirl produces 2x the bolts, Projectile effects & duration doubled, Leap/Blast aura duration & healing doubled)

-Grant movement to immobile while casting abilities.
(Meteor Shower, Barrage, True Shot, Kill Shot, Pile Driver, Death's Judgment, Hundred Blades, Pistol Whip, Blurred Frenzy, Earthen Vortex)
(Holographic Shockwave, Ring of Warding, Static Field, Hunter's Ward, Prime Light Beam)
(Crystal Hibernation, Whirling Defense, Empower, Natural Convergence, Fortify)